Things that make men feel insecure on a first date

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Do not worry, because men also sit for hours in front of the mirror and decide dilemmas associated with the right appearance for the first date. Ladies, did you know that if we prepare 2-3-4 hours for a first date, and wonder how to look more attractive, then in the heads of men appear thousands of questions that make them feel insecure and uncertain. Here are the main things that worried them most, starting with the fact that they too stand before the mirror, resolving dilemmas for their appearance:

Men, just as women feel uncertainty about how they look. How to explain to the woman that their hair usually looks much better than the sight of it now? ‘Just had a bad day’ (bad hair day)! Or wonder how she will like it more – with slight stubble, which they consider to be sexy or shaved smooth?

At least men admit that in most cases they do not do well with the iron. Worried that during the first meeting the focus will be on the clothes, he sees that as always the folds of his shirt do not make the best impression for the date. And women are observant. The only hope that remains for his is that the lighting in the restaurant would not be the best.

They fear that the woman will be out of their league for first time. Especially if she starts explaining what doctoral degrees she has acquired in the past and that she has been a model enjoying a good reputation. That is, in such situations, it often makes men feel unsafe, knowing that he can not compete with the men with whom the lady was accustomed to go.

Not all men work their dream well-paid jobs, but this does not mean that they should not take the lady in a restaurant. Just think what bothers a man most in such cases, the check or that she will order the most expensive wine in the restaurant, and he will not be able to pay …

The meeting started. The initial euphoria of the restaurant, the people, the menu and the wine was gone, and in fact he realizes in his conversation with her that they do not have much in common and yet at some point in the evening there will be nothing to say anymore. Yup, really embarrassing …

Whether to act as a gentleman or to act tough in order to impress? This is the big question. Should he start with opening the door of the car and the restaurant? Would the girl be impressed by such gestures? What’s worse – would using that old trick look completely silly in her eyes?

Last but not least, comes a concern that both sides in fact fear. The question is to drink or not to drink. If you drink, then the question is how much would be the correct amount. But if you do not drink, how would you have the courage to engage in a conversation freely and make jokes?

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