Things that Will Help You Go Through a Long-Distance Relationship

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Nowadays it is very easy to travel around the world. This way people meet more and more new people with whom they can have a relationship. Often, however, distance plays an important role in one’s relationship. If these two people do not see each other often, there is a chance that their relationship gets ruined.

So, what to do if you are in a long-distance relationship and you want to continue being in one? Well, there are some things that can help you make the time spend waiting for the next time you will meet your partner less torturing. Here are the things we have listed for you!

#1 Watch movies together

One of the things that can help you and your partner survive the long distance is by doing things together. You can, for example, watch a movie at home. Choose the same movie and watch it at the same time.

This way you can react and you can discuss the plot. It could turn out to be even more interesting than going to the cinema together. You will not be able to feel your partner’s touch, but at least you will be able to see them and do something together, even from a distance.

#2 Go to sleep together

The next thing that you could do if you are in a long-distance relationship is to go to sleep with you partner even if you are not at the same place. You could have a video chat with your partner and if you go to sleep at the same time.

You can leave the video chat going until you both go to sleep. And you can actually wake up the same way in the morning. This way you will continue having a lovable relationship even with the long distance between you. It will be a very sweet way to express your love.

#3 A kissing jar

The next thing you could do if you want to make the distance between you and your partner “shorter” and more tolerable is to give each other a kissing jar. Since the two of you will be too far apart to give yourselves real kisses, you can give your partner, and thus receive from them, a kiss in the form of some candy.

When you need a kiss, grab one of the sweets from the kissing jar to satisfy your “thirst” for affections. It is true that it will not be the same as receiving a real kiss from your partner, but it will be at least some kind of compensation.

#4 “Open when…” Letters

The next thing that will help you feel better while waiting for your next date with your partner is to write yourselves letters. There is no need to send them through the regular post. You could actually write each other a bundle of letters with signs “Open when…”.

There could be different ones, like “Open when you miss me”, “Open when you need support”, “Open when you are sad”. And so on. This way every time when you need some proof of your partner’s feelings for you, or some support from them, you will be able to receive it through the form of a letter.

#5 A Heart Attack

The next interesting idea which can help you survive the long distance is called “A heart attack”. Do not worry, it is not dangerous for your health. In fact, it is good for your soul.

What you could do is to create a box with sheets in the shape of hearts. There could be all different sizes and colors. You could write on the back of each ones of these hearts a reason why you love your partner.

You could pack it and give it to your partner. And when they feel lonely and start missing you, they could open the box and read some of the lovely signs you have prepared for them. You can be sure this is motivational enough and will help your relationship.

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