Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Chile

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South America is a continent which can offer a lot to its visitors. The culture, the history, the cuisine, the traditions, and so on are so colorful and rich that they are worth seeing. One of the countries on the continent which can offer people quite an experience is Chile. It may not be the biggest one but it is long and its location on the continent is specific.

If you decide to visit Chile, you need to be prepared for it with some important information so that you do not skip something important to see, or not to forget something that you may need there. So, here is our short travel guide for Chile!

#1 The essentials

The first thing you need to prepare before you go to Chile is passport, money, and some shots that it is better to have. You will only need an international passport to visit Chile and no visa, which makes it easier for people to go there. And as you probably know, the local language is Spanish, so you can prepare yourself a phrasebook in Spanish as well.

Money – Chilean Pesos
The next thing which is also very important when it comes to the essential things you need to bring when you go to the country is some Chilean pesos. This is the country’s currency. And even if you may change some money in the country, mostly US dollars, you still need to have some pesos with you before you set off.

Typhoid Shot
Another very important thing which you need to do before you go to Chile is to have a typhoid shot. It is better to be prepared since the environment on the continent is more or less different from the other parts of the world, there are still kinds of diseases that can catch you off guard. In other words, be prepared for it.

#2 Manners at restaurants

The next important thing which you need to know before going to Chile is connected to one’s manners at a restaurant. There are different manners at the different countries when it comes to restaurants. For example, in Chile it is accepted that women should sit down before men, just like other countries.

The next thing you need to know before going to a restaurant is tipping. It is almost a universal custom that people should leave tips to the staff no matter whether the service was satisfactory or not.

It is accepted in Chile that people need to leave a 10% tip from the bill. This goes for waiters and bartenders especially. Sometimes the tip can be included in the bill. In this case it can be about 5%, which is nice.

And one last thing when it comes to tipping, you need to know that taxi drivers tend to round up the bill. So do not end up looking surprised when you do not receive some change.

Table manners
The next important thing you need to know when you are at a restaurant are the table manners. The first thing is a generally accepted one – people should keep knife on their right side and fork on their left, they should never switch.

The next thing you need to know is that you should never touch food with your hands. This is considered bad manners and it is often frowned on, especially in exclusive restaurants.

If you order wine, you need to know that you always need to pour it with your right hand. Even if this habit is not so well-known among average people, it is better to have it in mind when you go to a restaurant in the country.

#3 Greetings

Another important thing you need to know before going to Chile is the way people greet each other there. For example, men shake hands when they meet, while women tend to pat each other’s right shoulder or kiss on the cheeks.

When Chileans talk they can stand very close one to another. That is why you should not be surprised if you have just met with someone and they come very close to you, do not pull back abruptly.

There is also another thing that should not surprise you when you have a conversation in Chile – you should not be surprised if your interlocutors interrupt you while you are having a conversation. They are often very talkative and use a lot of gestures while they speak.

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