This Year’s Bathing Suits Trends

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The summer in knocking at our door, and you could tell this by the fact that a lot of people are already on vacations and post their pictures online, so that the rest of us who are still at work and are far from having their vacation. There is one way you can make this torture less painful. And this way is to start planning your vacation. You may also be inspired by this year’s bathing suit trend. So when you go to the beach you would not only feel relaxed, but you will also look great and up to date. And here are the trends.

Trend 1 Blue and Green

Since summer it such a warm and colorful season, a lot of our summer clothes need to reflect this. This goes for our bathing suits as well. So, this year colors and brightness are dominant in the trends. Try with a one-piece bathing suit in green and blue. Let the colors reflect the colors of the nature – the blue sea and sky and the green grass and trees. You will also attract some eyes when you are at the beach. You can choose one piece bathing suit, but it may have some cuts in it where your skin would have a gorgeous bronze tan. You may also match the suit with a backpack or a beach bag in the same colors and your look will be complete.

Trend 2 Green and White

The second trend in our list is another one piece bathing suit, but this time without any cuts. It is more suitable for women who want to hide their bellies for one reason or another. Get a white bathing suit with two big green lines, one in the left side and one in the right. This way you will be colorful and the green line will hide any flaws of the body, if you have some. You can match the suit with a white pareo and you will look both stylish and comfortable.

Trend 3 Blue and Yellow

Now it is time for the two-piece bathing suits. In the past people thought that you should definitely have a matching top and bottoms, but now the new trends are a little different and two different colors for the two part of the bathing suit is not only not a problem, but it is even chic and interesting. Try this year’s yellow top, that would look more like a sporting bra and blue bottoms. You may have a little twist to it, choose not an ordinary fabric but one with some interesting elements, like tassels, clams, sequins in the same color. Finish the look with a hat in brown and you would definitely attract some envious looks.

Trend 4 Black Cropped Bathing Suit

Black is one of the traditional colors for bathing suits, especially in the beginning of the summer when you still have no tan. The black color is famous for creating the illusion that the body is slimmer and people who have some extra weight prefer it. In a later phase of your vacation when you have bronze tan already, you can try a white bathing suit which would look even sexier on the body. And if you do not want an ordinary one-piece bathing suit then get one with a twist – the bottom part of the suit to look like a separate piece, while the upper to cover some more of your body, especially the parts of it that you do not feel very much comfortable about.

Trend 5 Pink Boy shorts with a bra with a twist

The last trend in our list is for all the girls who like wearing pink and are more sporty. Pick pink boy shorts with black laces to make some contrast. This suit is very comfortable and you won’t be afraid that parts of your booty can be seen as with the ordinary bikini bottoms. As for the upper part of the suit, you may choose one like a sports bra to match your sporty personality. Or if you want, you may get one with a twist, not usual bra, but one that its laces go from the left side to the right, and the other way round. This will create an interesting illusion and a game with your vision. Match the bathing suit with a pair of pink sunglasses, and go to the beach.

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