Three Not so Popular, But Absolutely Amazing Places in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city, known as Catalonia`s capital, with a population of over 1,6 million people. We all have heard of Sagrada Familia – the city`s international symbol or Park Güell, as well as many other sights it has to offer. It is not a secret that Barcelona is a home of many impressive and beautiful sights, but just like many other cities its charm is somewhere in the little streets, hidden down there, which the tourists often miss. In this article we`ll show you three destinations, which are rarely included in the main tourist roads, but they are just as exciting and interesting as the ones you see in every tourist guide.

1. Gràcia district

Gracia district is known for its bold identity and narrow, winding streets, crammed with a lot of everything – cafes, restaurants, shops etc was established in 1626, by a novitiate of Carmelites who established a convent there called “Nostra Senyora de Gràcia”. The very famous Park Güell, as well as Casa Vicens are located at this part of the city. They were both designed by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Park Güell and Casa Vicens are declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

On the picture below you see 24 Carrer de les Carolines Str.

2. The Labyrinth Park

The Labyrinth Park is the oldest park in Barcelona. It is located in Horta districts, which is outside the main tourist areas of the city. It is interesting to point out that only 750 visitors are allowed to enter the park on a daily basis. It has been designed as a giant maze and you can see statues from the Greek mythology, as well as the local folklore, beautiful fountains, springs and ponds. Just be careful not to get lost into the bush labyrinth. Discover the pavilion, dedicated to the Nine muses and enjoy a lovely day out, free of the city noise and endless crowds. The ark is open 10.00am-18.00 pm in winter and 10.00 am to 21.00 pm during summer.

3. Mercat de Santa Caterina (Santa Caterina Market)

Most tourists add La Boqueria market to their “To Visit” list, as it is pretty popular and located in the heart of the city. However, very few people know that Mercat de Santa Caterina could offer the very same products, with no crowds though. You can enjoy your walk around the stands, talk to the merchants and have a look at the goods in detail, without being smashed by the crowd. It is located in La Ribera and has been in operation since 1848. You will easily notice it by its colorful undulating roof and vivid sounds.

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