Tips and Ideas for Beach Makeup

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Summer is the season when people head to the beach as often as possible. As much as the beach can be a great place to have fun, it could be also a dangerous one since the sun is very strong and it is bad for the skin. This means that one should never forget to apply sun cream on in the summer, especially when they are at the beach.

Apart from staying healthy at the beach women also like to apply makeup which could be considered unnecessary by some people or a little bit too cocky. However, makeup can also be used to protect one’s skin from the dangerous effects from the sunrays. This way women can stay both healthy and pretty at the beach.

And since it is the peak of the summer season and many people are off to the beach already, we have prepared for you a couple of tips and advices on applying makeup for the beach. We will show you what kind of makeup products to use and how to apply them.

#1 Apply sun cream first

The first thing you need to do before you start applying makeup for the beach is to use a moisturizer and after that sun cream. It is very important not to forget about it since you will be at the beach and you need some extra protection. Apply it directly on your face as well as your body and move on to the next steps.

#2 Use SPF products

The next thing you need to have in mind when you apply makeup for the beach, and I would also add any kind of makeup during the summer, is to choose makeup products with SPF. Make sure it is the highest one, 50 ор 50+, so that you would not have to reapply and at the same time your skin will be well protected from the sun.

If you are going to wear foundation at the beach, then you definitely need to choose some SPF product. This way your skin will be twice as protected. Apart from that it is not such a bad idea to apply foundation, because this extra layer of product on your face will serve as a protection wall from the sun.

#3 Use SPF Concealer

And even if you do not apply foundation, you can apply concealer to hide the dark circles under your eyes and at the same time, using SPF concealer, to protect the thin skin under your eyes. Some parts of your skin are much gentler and need extra protection. That is why you should not neglect them. First apply moisturizer and sun cream on them and then concealer.

#4 Use waterproof products

The next tip is not a new one but still one does need reminding that when they go to the beach the products they should use are waterproof. This goes for the mascara especially and the eyeliner if you are going to use any.

Even if you have no intention jumping into the water to cool down, you still need to be careful because there could be some splashes of water landing on you. And not only this, but the air will also be very humid, you may start sweating because of the heat and this way your mascara could start running down. This is way it is better to be safe than sorry.

#5 Stick to main makeup products

As we all know, makeup could easily be ruined when one is at the beach due to the heat and the humidity. This is why you need not only to use waterproof products but also to avoid using tons of makeup. This means that it is better to stick to some basic products, like the above mentioned ones, and to avoid using unnecessary ones, like eyeshadows, brow gels or highlighters.

It is true that they make a good part of everyday makeup or special event makeup, but they are not very suitable for the beach since they can easily start running down your face. If you must use them, then it is better to choose such ones that do not get smudged easily and are waterproof ones.

#6 Do not forget about your lips

The good thing is that it is good to wear some kind of lipstick or lip gloss which will protect your lips from the dangerous effects of the sun rays. Lip glosses that have pinkish or reddish color are very popular this season which means that you can wear them to the beach as well.

Make sure you use such lip gloss with SPF to protect your gentle lip skin. The other thing that is good about lip glosses is that if you smudge them, you can reapply the product and one will not be able to tell if you have smudge the lip gloss or not.

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