Tips and Tricks for Flawless Makeup

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There is not a woman interested in makeup who does not want to have flawless makeup. However, this is not always easily achievable. It does not depend only on the quality of the products, because you may have the best makeup products in the world, but if you cannot apply them in the best way possible there will be no trace of a flawlessly applied makeup. That is why today we have decided to show you a couple of tricks and tips that will help you in this task. Here they are!

#1 Use two primers

There are some makeup experts who claim that using two primers is much better than using only one and this will work wonders for the women who have a mixed type of skin. If your face skin gets too only on the t-zone, but it is dry everywhere else, then you should definitely consider this tip. Apply oil-control primer on your t-zone, or on this part of your face which gets too oily, and apply a regular kind of primer on the other part of your face.

This way your makeup will not be ruined because the oil will be kept away from the surface. At the same time, you will not “torture” the other part of your face which is not that oily and it will only smooth it. As a result you will have a perfect base for your makeup.

#2 Prime your eyes

The next very important tip for all of you who like applying eyeshadows is to always use primer. You have probably noticed that no matter how good are your eyeshadows, the longer you wear them, the more they will be creasing. It is simply inevitable since you blink and your eyeshadow starts to smudges even if you do not want this.

However, there is something you could do to avoid this. Always use a primer. Here is how it works: apply some amount of primer on your eyelids and then set it with some matte powder. Make sure you apply both the primer and the matte powder evenly on your eyelids. This little trick will not only help your makeup last, but it will also make your eyeshadows pop more.

#3 Use cream eyeshadows

Another little trick that will help you have flawless eye makeup is simply to use cream eyeshadows. It is not necessary to use only such kinds of shadows because you could match them with some matte ones, or some you prefer. Cream shadows are best used as a base color. You can apply them all over the eyelids up to the crease, but do not go any further. Use another kind of shadow as a transition color. This kind of eyeshadows do not get that easily smudged when applied on the proper spots of the eyelids. And this way you will have a perfect eye makeup.

#4 Use 3 products for eyeliner

The most difficult part of my makeup is often the eyeliner because I can make one of my eyelids have perfect eyeliner and not to be able to draw the same one on my other one. Yes, it could be very annoying. If you also have such problem, then you could try the trick with sticky tape to create matching eyeliners.

Another thing you should try if you also want to have flawless eyeliner is to use all three types of eyeliners. Start with your pencil liquid liner to create the wing. The reason why it is best to use this one is because it dries the fastest and you will immediately notice if your liner is perfect or it needs a little bit of fixing.

The next step is to use a pencil liner which is waterproof. What you need to do is carefully go over the cat eye you created but this time with this product. It will help you lock your eyeliner and it will prevent it from smudging and we all know how often your liner could smudge in the tip of the eye.

The last step is to set your eyeliner using black powder and an angled brush. Carefully apply it on your eyeliner and it will set it completely. It is like setting your foundation with face powder. It works like a charm every time especially if you use all of these three products.

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