Tips and Tricks for s Successful Summer Flirt

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Summer is the season when a lot of people go to the beach and want to relax. This, however, is not the only thing a person does in the summer. It is well-known that summer is the season of flirting and hot dates. This is the season when people want to have fun, meet new people, flirt, and who knows, maybe something more than that.

If you are also one of the people who is in a mood to flirt and to have fun this summer, then you will probably be willing to learn some tips and tricks about your successful summer flirt. Today we have prepared for you a list of some advices and ideas for summer flirting. Let’s hope they help you in this endeavor.

#1 Take advantage of the weather

Since we talk about summer flirting, we are going to start with the weather in the summer. This is one of the first things you can use to help you flirt. When you want to attract someone’s attention, you can do it by using a fan, for example. If they are near you, even if they are not very close, they will notice the fast movement of the fan and will give you a glance.

If you do not have a fan, you can use your hand which could be even better since you can make it even more sexual. While you are waving your hand, you can close your eyes and try to feel pleased by the relief this light wind gives you. You can also slightly perch your lips but do not make it look too obvious. Puffy lips are one of the things that guys get attracted to easily.

#2 Have some ice-cream

And since we started talking about taking advantage of the summer weather, we just cannot skip one of the typical summer foods which also, not surprisingly, happens to be a very sexual kind of food as well – ice-cream. Having an ice-cream is a great way to flirt. It is best to have the ice-cream by licking it.

If you are talking to the person you are flirting with while having ice-cream, do not forget to look them in the eyes and continue licking the ice-cream. This will surely be recognized as a flirt.

And even if you are not talking to them but trying to attract their attention, this is a great way to do it. And again, you should not stop looking at their eyes while you are having your ice-cream. You will see that it works like a charm.

#3 Beach is the place

One of the traditional places for summer flirting is, of course, the beach. Maybe it is because there are a lot of half-naked people and the hormones are in the air and maybe it is also because the place puts a person in some kind of a flirtation mood, but anyway if you want to find your summer flirt, you can head to the beach.

You then may go for a short walk along the coast to search for your “prey”. Once you find it, try to get their attention. You may accidentally stop near them and start talking on your phone. Or you might bend down to get some shell from the sand. You also should not forget about flipping your hair a lot because this is another way to get some male attention.

Another thing which you can do in order to get this person’s attention is to go past them and while you are doing this to look them directly into the eyes and smile. Make sure you are not walking too fast in order to give this person a chance to take a careful look at you and to notice that you are actually flirting.

#4 Ask them to take your picture

Another thing you could do to begin a flirt not only in the summer, but during any other season, is to ask this guy to take your picture. If you are alone and you ask for this, the guy will surely not misunderstand it and will know that this is a sign of flirting. Given the fact that people take selfies nowadays, who actually asks for their picture to be taken if they are alone?

And if you are brave enough, you can actually ask this guy if he would like you two to have a selfie together. This way you will get the chance to embrace this person, sense their smell, and flirt a little more. The most suitable place to try this “trick” is a bar because it will not be as awkward as at the beach, for example but still you can try it wherever you like and whenever you are in the mood to do it.

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