Top Beauty Techniques for Valentine’s Day Men Love

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There are a lot of debates about the type of women majority of men like the most. Do they prefer women with little makeup on, or do they like women with fine makeup on? What kind of makeup they like seeing on the woman they are dating? These are some of the questions we are going to give you the answer to today. We will start with the fact that people are different and what may appeal to some, may not appeal to others. That is what you need to have in mind in first place.

And since Valentine’s Day is almost here we decided to share with you some of men’s favorite beauty trends/techniques they like seeing on their date. So, you can have their preferences in mind if you want to impress a guy. You will look pretty, feel good and attractive. So, check out these beauty and makeup ideas for Valentine’s Day.

#1 Red lips

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that men would like to see their girlfriend/wife wearing red lipstick for Valentine’s Day. There are people who say men are not in general crazy about this kind of makeup because they consider it too passionate and seductive.

However, for this day of the year they could make an exception and not only this, but they would gladly see their partner wearing such kind of lipstick for this particular holiday. So, do not be afraid to look beautiful and bold. Surprise your man with something really seductive. And speaking of seductiveness, here comes the next beauty technique.

#2 Black eyeliner

Men love cat eyes. Men love when women wear costumes of the Cat Woman on Halloween. Men love when women dress up like pussies. This awakens a sexual instinct in them. And this could be why they love black eyeliners so much. This beauty trend will probably never grow old. It dates back to Cleopatra’s times and it has huge popularity nowadays as well.

If you are wondering whether or not to have a cat eyeliner for the holiday, do not think twice. Your partner is very likely not to stop looking at your eyes especially if you put on some really long and bold eyeliner. So, yes, men like cat eyes, do not worry about it.

#3 Smoky eye

The next eye makeup men would be pleased to see on a woman for Valentine’s Day is the smoky eye. This is another very popular makeup technique and it is perfect for a night out. There are different kinds of smoky eyes, some are more subtle and others are bolder and attract attention more.

One thing is for sure, men like such kind of makeup because it is not too provocative, but at the same time attracts one’s look. And this way they cannot simply take their eyes off their date’s smoke eyes. If you have still not decided what type of eye makeup to put on for Valentine’s Day, then you could count on smoky eye and cat eyeliner and you will not make a mistake.

#4 Extra-long lashes

Another thing, I dare say, both women and men are crazy about and this is long lashes. Falsies have turned into a huge hit recently and there are a lot of women who are so much used to wearing them that they cannot imagine to go out without falsies.

Men also like long lashes. In general, they prefer naturally long lashes, but for the holiday they could make an exception, especially the falsies blend naturally with one’s real lashes, and enjoy their date’s company with falsies on. If you do not like wearing falsies, then it is even better. You should strive at natural looks.

#5 Messy hair

Believe it or not, but men are not crazy about perfect hairstyles. They, of course, would notice if a woman has spent some time doing her hair, but they would often prefer the woman they go out with to have a casual and even messy hairstyle.

Let your hair loose, comb your hair and voila, your hairstyle for the holiday would be ready. Men would appreciate it much more if a woman is natural and is wearing her hair casually.

#6 French manicure

The next beauty technique men like is connected to their manicure. And this is French manicure. When it comes to the types of manicure men like seeing on their dates, we have to mention that men like simplicity. And French manicure is just the kind of manicure they would love to see their date wearing on the Valentine’s Day.

It is better not to experiment with your nails, especially with French manicure. Men are not big fans of black French manicure, for example, that is why it is better to stick to the traditional version.

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