Top Bouffant & Curly Ponytail

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Let’s create one beautiful messy hairstyle together. It will bring you joy and incredible mood for smiles with its outgoing look. Check out the steps and follow them one by one, they are extremely easy and I’m sure that you can handle them without a trouble at all. Here we go:

  • The hair texture must be wavy, not entirely curly, but wavy, like beach waves. You can easily achieve that with a little bit of strong-formula hair mousse and your bare hands. Just apply the mousse on each layer of the hair and then gently squeeze the strands and the hair section with your hands in order to create the waves.
  • Then, tie the hair, except the bangs are, separate it for later, into a high ponytail. Pull out two strands from the temporal areas and leave them for now.
  • Now take the bangs section of hair, tease it with a comb and attach it above the hair band. Pull out the strands a little bit in order to create the volume that I mentioned earlier.
  • Tease the excessive hair of this top section and spread the waves around the hair band in order to hide it. If necessary, stick in some bobby pins where you think it will be more secure to clip the strands.
  • Twist the side strands with hair mousse a little bit to make them curlier.
  • Smoot the top bouffant with the teasing comb by sliding it towards the crown area, where the ponytail is tied with the hair band.
  • Spritz the whole hair with a light formula hair spray to tame the flying hairs.
  • All done! Enjoy this casual, but feminine look and come back for more great ideas, tricks and beauty tips, which will make your life easier, they will spend your time and of course, your money. See you soon, girls!


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