Top European Destinations for the End of Winter

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A large number of people dream about the summer and cannot wait for it to come. The sunnier the weather gets, the more energetic people become. And that is usually why people go on vacations in the spring and in the summer more than in the winter.

However, every season has its beauty and there are places you can go to and enjoy the winter weather and all the amazing things it has to offer. If you also want to take advantage of the winter before it ends, then you can check out these European destinations which are perfect for the end of the winter.

#1 Andalucia, Spain

The first place in our European list of end-of-winter destinations is Spain and more particularly Andalucia. It is no wonder that it takes one of the top positions since Spain is a very sunny country even in the winter. Andalucia is the region that is located in the south part of Spain, thus there is plenty of sun and warm weather.

You can take this opportunity and visit it at this time of the year when the weather is perfect for a leisure stroll around the ancient Andalician streets. You can enjoy the great architecture there as well as the welcoming local people. And since you are there, do not forget to have some of the traditional and delicious tapas!

#2 Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is a magical place to visit during the winter holidays. There are a lot of people who go there at that time of the year because of the great decorations and the holiday spirit that is in the air.

However, this does not mean that this should be the only time of the year you can visit Vienna. On the contrary, the end of winter is also a good time to do this since there would not be as many people as there are during the winter holidays.

You will have the chance to see some great architecture there and, of course, to visit some of the iconic coffeehouses in the capital and maybe have some of of the country’s good wine.

#3Dubrovnik, Croatia

Usually when there is a list European destinations to visit, Croatia takes one of the top places. And this list of destinations is no exception to it. Croatia is one of the best getaway destinations in Europe if you want to get some winter sun.

You can go there and enjoy the clear blue water of the Adriatic Sea and take a stroll in the Old Town of Dubrovnik where you will get the chance to see baroque architecture, including churches and monasteries and even some aristocratic palaces.

Dubrovnik is one of the destinations where you could take a break from your routine, relax and learn something about a foreign country by experiencing it.

#4 Sardinia, Italy

The next country, which offers some warm winter sun, is Italy and the destination we have chosen in particular is Sardinia. Some of the many things this place has to offer to its visitors is amazing nature and breathtaking views. If you love the sea and would love to spend your vacation on an island, then you can definitely choose Sardinia for the purpose.

One of the things this island is famous for is its Pink Beach. The sand there has a light pink color which matches the crystal clear color of the water perfectly and makes one feel like they are in paradise. Even if you do not visit the island in the winter, make sure you do some time in the future because it is worth visiting for sure.

#5 St. Tropez

Some people would say that we have saved the best for last and that is why we have chosen to put St. Tropez at the end of the list. It is true that this is one of the top destinations for a luxurious destination in Europe and that people from all over the world come there.

It is located in the French Riviera and it has plenty of sunshine and good weather even at that time of the year. If you do not fancy big crowds, this time of the year is perfect for visiting St. Tropez.

Besides, not visiting it during the peak of the summer season will also reflect on your budget. You will surely spend less money than you would if you visited it in the summer.

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