Top Flirty Accessories for The perfect First Date

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Some people think that the outfit and the shoes are the most important part when you are preparing for a first date. This is absolutely true, but do not underestimate the power of accessories also. You have to use them in the right way so you can give him the right message and your date to be perfect after all. And this is not an easy job, to find the perfect accessories that not only will flatter you outfit, but will also send the right message – sexy but not sleazy and romantic but not over the top. Here is a list of the top flirty accessories to wear if you want to have a perfect first date.

  1. Red bow

Red dresses and accessories do not necessarily mean they have to be worn only on Valentine’s day. On the contrary, red is such a vibrant color that should be worn all the year round. The combination between a bow and red is a perfect one for a first date. Bows are usually associated with innocence and purity because mainly children wear them. Red color, on the other hand, is very sexual and sensual. This is the color of passion. The combination between them makes it the perfect accessory for a first date that will make you look flirty.

  1. A romantic necklace

A necklace can send a whole different vibe, especially on a date. Choose a necklace that is not very big or shiny. Wear a thin chain with a small cute pendant like a ring or a heart if you prefer. Let the chain be short, close to your neck. You could even choose a chain which length to be just about to cover your neck. This will be both sexy and romantic, but closer to the romantic side, after all, you do not want to convey the wrong message, do you?

  1. Baby blue mini bag

Mini bags and clutches are perfect for a night out. They are comfortable, you can put in them the most important things you will need for the night and you won’t have to worry that you cannot find a place where to put it. If you choose a very small bag in a baby color like mint, pink, or light blue or green, you will add some romantic sense to your overall outfit.

  1. A statement bag

This accessory is the one that will not only add some romance and charms to your overall look. You will show also your “statements” or point of view and the fact that you can think. This could be also a perfect conversation starter. There are some extremely cute bags which look like an old radio or Rubik’s Cube. There are even some that look like a book. If you choose some of these you will also make some head turn in your direction on the street.

  1. A Parisian barrette

Do not think that you only have to wear barrettes when you are in France. This hat could be the one thing you need for that perfect look you are striving to achieve. You could choose a black barrette that will match your black-and-white outfit. Add something else to the barrette as well, this could be some sequins, a badge, or even some cute small bow. You will have both some traditional and something innovative and new.

  1. Rings

If you are a lady that loves rings, then this one is for you. Rings will be the perfect match for a necklace if you are wearing any. These accessories could be very gentle, cute and romantic if you choose the right ones. Prefer to wear smaller a.k.a thinner rings for a first date with some stones or a small lovely heart. But do not put any rings on your ring finger, after all, you do not want to give him the wrong impression that you are engaged.


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