Top Places to Spend Valentine’s Day at

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The more time passes the closer we get to Valentine’s Day. And even if there is more than half a month to the holiday, the preparations should have already started. There are some couples who decide to go somewhere romantic on holiday where to spend some time together away from their daily routines and busy life.

Valentine’s day is one of the top holidays when people decide to have some time off work and be with their partner. If you have also decided to go somewhere for the holiday, but you do not know where, then have a look at our suggestions. They include some of the most romantic destinations in the world and a few other things. So, check them out and start planning your journey.

#1 Peru

You may be surprised to find Peru in the list, but after our short explanation, you could definitely be willing to go there. As you know Peru is one of the South American countries where the Amazon jungle is located. If you and your partner love to explore new places and are big fans of the wilderness, then this trip could be the perfect one for you.

You could take a tour by boat round the Amazon rainforests with a special tour guide and you could enjoy the diversity of wild species you will meet there. Of course, you also need to be very careful and to follow all the tour guide’s instructions. This way you could have an amazing and unforgettable time with your partner.

#2 South Africa

South Africa is another very exotic destination where you and your partner can enjoy yourselves on Valentine’s Day. One of the places you should consider visiting in South Africa is The Garden Route. This is a national park in the South Africa where you will have the opportunity to see a lot of different animal and plant species.

There are some valleys, lagoons, and mountain stretch which will simply take your breath away and you definitely must see them in person. And when you are tired of all the trekking, you could visit some of the local museums in there, like Dias Museum Complex, Old Gaol Museum, and George Museum.

#3 Thailand

Thailand is another country which has become very popular among couples. It is a warm and exotic country which can serve as a perfect background to love and the expression of love. One of the places to visit there is Koh Tao. This place is very romantic not only because of the amazing nature, but also because of the villas there.

There are some luxurious ones where you will feel very comfortable. You could also go on some tours while you are there. There are some very interesting and romantic ones, like elephant rides. This way you can get in touch with some more of the country’s nature. Thailand may not be your first choice for Valentine’s Day destination, but you definitely should consider it given its beauty.

#4 New Zealand

If you live in the northern hemisphere and you want to go somewhere warm for the holiday, then you should definitely consider New Zealand as an option. There are, of course, a lot of beach resorts where you could go for the holiday, but New Zealand is a very romantic and peaceful destination.

There are a lot of gorgeous islands to visit, like White Island and Bay of Islands. You could spend your time there enjoying the beautiful views, or you could take some tours around the country and try some sports. You could try golf, mountain cycling, and some water sports.

#5 The Seychelles

And speaking of romantic and warm destinations to spend the holiday of love, here is our next suggestion – The Seychelles. This is one of the places you can go and wish to stay there forever. People who like spending time at the beach will be thrilled about the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the golden sand beaches.

And not only this, but all the visitors and guests of these amazing islands will have the jungle within their reach, just a few steps from the beach. You could also take the opportunity to stay at some of the private islands there. The experience there is like a fairytale, so you definitely should consider it for your Valentine’s Day destination.

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