Top Reasons to Date a Shorter Guy than You

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There are a lot of women in the world who prefer that their partner is taller than them, and the same goes for men – they prefer the woman they are dating to be shorter than them. However, love does not choose people by their appearances as much as we may think this is so. Would you dump a guy simply because he is shorter than you? If he is gentle, loving, and likes you for the person you are, would height matter?
Well, today we have decided to be in favor of couples who are breaking the stereotypes and love each other no matter that the guy is shorter than the woman. Here are the top reasons we found why it is better to date a guy shorter than you.

#1 He likes you for the person you are

Men are also threatened by a woman’s size, especially if she is taller than them. However, if a man wants to date you no matter the fact that he is shorter than you, then you can be sure this person feels comfortable with you and likes your personality. The good thing about it is that he will not feel that you are better than him, but he will be proud of your success and he would even like to help you become more successful.

#2 You would not have to wear high heels

There are a lot of women who do not like wearing high heels just because they are very uncomfortable. Well, if you date a guy who is shorter than you, you would not have to wear high heels. If high heels are your signature shoes, then you probably would not be very happy about it, but you could take the opportunity to try some flats and why not to change your style a little bit. Changes in styles are often good and make you renew your shoe collection. And we all know what this means – it is time for shopping!

#3 This will help you deal with your own insecurities

There are a lot of women who either do not like their height, or do not like their weight. Believe it or not, but dating a guy who is shorter than you can help you deal with your own insecurities and complexes. Our society has a lot of norms people try to fit in with, and some of them are that men should be taller than women, and that women should weigh less than man.
At first you will probably find it difficult to deal with these kinds of insecurities in your relationship, but step by step you will learn that you need to love yourself and the person you are with no matter what society and conformism has to say. You will become more open-minded and you will probably like yourself better this way.

#4 Short guys do more chores

Do you want a guy who will help you with the housework? Then simply start dating a short guy. Statistics show that guys who are short, and especially guys who are shorter than their partners, do more chores at home than tall guys. This may have to do with the fact that they are trying to prove themselves, or maybe they are simply family guys, but this fact is definitely in women’s favor. It turns out that height helps with chores as well, so take advantage of it.

#5 Short guys divorce less than tall ones

Of course, every rule has its exceptions, but statistics shows that short guys are less likely to divorce compared to taller ones. They actually have 32% more chance of keeping their marriage than other guys. This may have to do with the fact that they are family types of guys and value marriage, women and children. So, do not be afraid to date a short guy especially if you want your relationship to turn into something more, like marriage.

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