Top Reasons to Visit Colombia

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There should be no person who has not heard of Colombia. This beautiful country in South America is becoming more and more popular among tourists and this is no wonder why since it has such an amazing mixture of cultures, people, and foods that it is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with it once you see it. We are also in love with Colombia, that is why we have decided to share some information with you about the top reasons you should visit Colombia at once!

#1 Friendly people

This reason to visit Colombia would definitely be no surprise to you if you have seen some of the Colombian celebrities. Sofia Vergara and Shakira are probably the two friendliest women on the planet and they both are from Colombia. In Latin America, there is a saying that the first thing people are taught to do when they are born is to smile.

People may not be very wealthy, but they are rich, because they have big hearts. If you ask a stranger for directions, they would gladly help you. It is not also uncommon for the people to show directions by coming with the person. The people are also very proud of their country and they value its nature and its natural resources. And this leads to the second reason why you should visit Colombia.

#2 Beautiful nature

It is no surprise that South America is one of the continents with the most beautiful and extraordinary nature of all. There are still some plants and animal species that are still unknown in the Amazon jungle. And if we add to the picture that the Equator passes through Colombia, it is completely understandable that Colombian nature is worth mentioning in the list.

Since the North and North-West boarders of the country are right to the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean, Colombia has some amazing beaches worth visiting. One of them is Tayrona National park situated on the Caribbean coast. You can spend long lazy hours there lying on a beach under some palm tree to protect you from the strong sunlight.

But the lovely beaches is not the only thing Colombian nature has to offer. You can hike mountains, explore jungles and make sandcastles in the dessert, because you can find each one of these natural beauties there.

#3 It is safer than you can imagine

In the past Colombia was quite a dangerous place and a lot of tourists were scared to go there. Unfortunately a lot of people still have seconds thoughts about visiting the country because they have not checked how much the country has changed in the past 20 years. Now the economy of Colombia is growing and the government tries to attract more tourists. The only way this could be done is by increasing the safety precautions. However, when you go there and you are told that you should avoid certain areas, do not neglect the warnings, just to be absolutely safe.

#4 Rich history

Not only Colombia, but the entire South America, has rich culture and history. With the invasion of the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors in the 15th century, the western and the eastern cultures clashed resulting in leaving interesting traditions and rituals.

One of Colombia’s symbols of the period before the colonization of the area is the “Lost City”. It may not be as famous as Machu Picchu, but it is definitely worth seeing. The Cuidad Perdida, as it is the name of the city in Spanish, is hidden in the jungle, making the city not only a historical attraction, but also a great destination for nature lovers.

#5 The Colombian food

Since Colombia has taken such a good place on the world map, it is no wonder that the traditional food is so versatile and has a lot to offer. Basically, there is something for every kind of taste, whether you like meat, fruits or interesting meals.

When you go to Colombia, you should not miss to try Bandeja Paisa. This dish is probably the most famous of all Colombian ones. If you ask a person who has been in Colombia about it, they will definitely tell you that almost every tourist tries it. And there is just no way to still be hungry after you have had it, since it is very rich. Originally it is made of beans, white rice, fried eggs, avocado and the typical for the region chicharron, carne en polvo, arepa, and ripe plantain. The names of these foods are quite interesting, but once you have them, you will notice the specific Colombian taste, which will make it just inevitable not to fall in love with it.

There are also other delicious Colombian foods, like Sancocho de Gallina, Ajiaco Bogotano, and Pandebono.

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