Top Refreshing Drinks to Have in the Morning Instead of Coffee

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Millions of people around the world start their days with a cup of nice warm coffee, and many drink a couple more coffees before the end of the day. This is either because they need energy to go through the tasks they have to finish, or because they are used to drinking coffee. However, it would hardly be a surprise for most people if we tell them that coffee is not the healthiest drink. It has its consequences as dehydrating your body.

If you do not know, there is a simple rule which you need to follow if you want to keep your body hydrated while drinking coffee: for every cup of coffee you drink, you should drink 3 equal cups of water just to neutralize the dehydrating effect of the coffee.a And of course, a lot of people forget about drinking water. They have drinks to stimulate their nervous system, but this could be devastating for their overall health.

That is why we have decided to search for other kinds of drinks that could stimulate your body to wake up, but still to be healthier than coffee. Or if you do not want to stop drinking coffee completely, from time to time you can interchange the drinks – one day you can drink coffee and the next one of these other substitute ones. Check them out!

#1 Hot beverage with honey and lemon

Some people say that hot drinks usually make them sleepy, but if you add to them a piece of lemon, you will feel the energy rushing into your body after you drink it up. Just boil a cup of water and add to it a piece of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. If you like cinnamon, add some to your drink as well. Let it cool down for a while and drink it up. This drink will not only wake you up, but it works as a great detoxing tool. It will also help you lose weight if drunk regularly. So, the pros are much more than if you drink coffee.

#2 Cocoa and Orange

If you prefer drinking sweeter beverages, then you would probably like drinking cocoa instead of coffee, especially in the cold winter days when people need extra warmth. And if you add some orange to the cocoa, you will make it not only more delicious, but a stronger tool for fighting sleepiness.

All you need to do is to grate some of the fruit’s peel in your hot cocoa, and you will stimulate your nervous system, but also you will balance the levels of cholesterol in your body, and also keeps away the feeling of hunger for a long time. So, if you feel hungry, but you are on a diet, this drink can also help you cope with this unpleasant feeling.

#3 Ginger tea

Ginger is quite healthy, so whenever you have the chance to add it to your meal or drink, do not forget to do it. Now you know one more advantage of ginger – it wakes you up. Even the very smell of the tea will give you a fresh feeling. All you need to do to prepare this tea is to boil some water (one cup) and add a few pieces of ginger. You need first to wash the ginger and remove the peel as much as you can. Then cut it into small pieces. If you want you can add some honey or cinnamon to the tea to make it tastier. You can even add mint leaves to it if you prefer.

#4 Green tea with jasmine

Green tea is perfect substitute for coffee, not because it works the same way, but even better. Many people drink green tea to lose some weight by stimulating their digestive system. What they probably do not know is that green tea also helps them have more energy. The difference between coffee and green tea is that if coffee’s effect is felt almost immediately, green tea’s take more time to work its magic, but the best thing is that will keep you awake longer. So, make sure you do not drink this tea late at night.

#5 Schisandrachinensis

This fruit is often used for medical purposes, but it is also one of the best things you can drink instead of coffee. You need to make some Schisandrachinensis tea by boiling some water and pouring it over its leaves. Leave it for a couple of minutes like this to absorb all the ingredients and then filter the leaves. This tea will not only make you feel more energized, but it will help improve your memory and the health of your liver. Drink it daily for maximum results.

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