Top Social Media Annoyances Single Ladies Deal with

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Nowadays people spend most of their time online. They surf the net not only in their free time, but also when they are at work. One of the most dreadful things that this online world can offer is a communication only in the virtual world. This way when some friends decide to go to a club or have a coffee somewhere, they spend at least half of their time there chatting with friends on Facebook, for example. It is often inevitable.

People often think too much about what other people do in social media. And they are very much worried about what the mass of people will say about them. Today we decided to see what kinds of problems, or better yet irritations, single women face in social media. Check them out and see if you agree with them.

#1 A large number of their friends announce their engagements

One of the top things that annoy single women is the fact they are single while almost all of their friends are either in serious relationships, or are about to get married soon because they have announced their engagement in social media. The most irritating thing could be that there are some distant acquaintances of theirs, who one thought would not have a serious relationship, and who are also about to get married soon. Isn’t it all this fuzz about one’s relationship annoying when you are single?

#2 All of their social media friends boast about their careers

Another thing that could be really annoying to a single woman is the fact that there are a lot of people on social media who boast about their accomplishments. This could be quite annoying because nobody likes people who want all of the people they know, even the most distant ones, to know every single thing that happens to them.

And not only this, but there are also dozens of good wishes and congratulations on these people’s achievements. OK, OK, we all know that you have perfect lives and the rest of us are living in misery. Can we just now move on?

#3 A lot of people announce their marriages

And here is the next thing that could be really annoying to a lot of single ladies is that their social media friends not only get engaged, but are already married and, of course, post hundreds of wedding photos. It is like they want to show other people they would not be able to feel as happy as them, or that they want to make single ladies feel like they will never marry. Simply great, right?

#4 Everything is red roses and hearts

One of the things that really get on single girls’ nerves is all the fake, or non-fake, sweetness couples show in social media. Do you really think that posting a picture of a bunch or red roses and some heart-shape candles, for example, shows how much a couple love each other? Not really because they are doing it all for the social media and want other people to envy them a little. If these affections were real and strong, they would not post such picture online. And this still can be quite annoying when you are single.

#5 A lot of social media friends are expecting babies

Another thing which is considered to be quite annoying is when you hear that all your friends are pregnant, or already have babies, and you are still single. This is annoying not only to those single ladies who want to have babies, but also to the ones who are still single and see no improvement in their personal lives let alone to have babies. It is just a reality check and shows that one’s life is stuck while others are living the time of their lives. And it simply makes you feel sad.

#6 Couples having only 1 account

Another thing which could be really annoying, and not because one envies it, but because it simply shows no individuality. And this is when couples have only 1 social media account for the two of them. Do they want to show the world that they are so close that they do not have any secrets? And how is one suppose to know to whom of the two of them should they refer if they want to speak to them? So, it is no wonder such kinds of social media accounts annoy single ladies.

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