Top Travel Destinations for Broken-Hearted People

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We all know how much it may hurt when you break up with your partner. There are a lot of people who fall into a depression and cannot get out of it for months. Others suffer quietly and try not to show their pain, but this does not make things better. Healing a broken heart is not an easy task and sometimes it takes a lot to do it.

And since we believe that place and time can help in this task, we have prepared for you some of the best travel destinations in the world for people with broken hearts. There are places which can help you forget about your broken heart, but also you will not have to watch couples making out (and yes, this can be very annoying for a lot of people).

#1 Museum of Broken Relationship, Zagreb, Croatia

If you have always wanted to visit Croatia, it is definitely a good time to do it after you end a relationship. The reason for it is simple – you can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. This is definitely an interesting thing to see when you yourself has ended a relationship soon.

First of all you will see that you are not the only person in the world who suffers from a broken heart, and second of all you can leave some of your ex’s things there. And this is what the museum actually exhibits, object left in one’s home who actually belonged to their ex-partner.

When you leave even a small piece of your ex’s belongings there it is like you are leaving your pain and love for them there and you let this relationship go. The experience may be somewhat difficult to do at first, but when you leave the museum you will actually feel much better and definitely relieved.

#2 Juliet’s Wall, Verona, Italy

What better place to heal your broken heart than the home of the most famous tragic love story of all times – Verona?! Verona is the place where the famous Shakespearian poem “Romeo and Juliet” takes place. We all know how the story ends – they both die in sacrificing their love. And Verona is now a symbol of this story.

And not only this, but if you go there you will have the opportunity to see Juliet’s house and the famous wall where people from all over the world leave their letters to Juliet hoping that her helpers will give them an advice and will help them find the answer to their love problem.

This is a good place to go to when one is broken-hearted because even with the very act of writing a letter to Juliet explaining how they feel, they will verbally describe how they feel. And believe it or not, writing down your feelings on a piece of paper really helps and reduces pain.

And besides, visiting Juliet’s wall will also help you see that there are a lot of other people with love problems and this is not something that cannot be dealt with. And another small surprise waiting for you there will be Juliet’s statue. People say that if you touch her right breast you will have luck in love.

#3 Take a singles cruise to Mexico

If you are worried that when you go on vacation after you have just split up with your partner you will constantly bump into couples who are happily in love, then you may consider going to places where this will not happen. So, how about to take a cruise to Mexico and not just an ordinary one, but a cruise full of single people only.

And this you will not only make sure that couples are nowhere near, but you will also have the opportunity to find yourself a new partner. There are a lot of people who say that the best way to heal a broken heart is to start dating again. You will certainly get distracted from your love problems and who knows, this may be the place where you actually meet the love of your life.

#4 Swim with the dolphins in Bali, Indonesia

The next place in the list is a very spiritual place. Bali is a very peaceful place that will help you relax and forget about all the problems you have no matter if there are connected with love, or with your job. It is surely a place where you can go and relax.

But what makes it a destination perfect for broken-hearted people is its dolphins and the dolphin therapy you can be offered there. You will have the opportunity to actually swim with this graceful creatures.

It is known that interacting with these animals helps relief stress. Most people who try it suffer from actual heart diseases, but it does not hurt to try healing your soul as well. One thing is for sure – you will really feel better after that.

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