Top Trends for Summer 2017

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There are a lot of women who like following fashion trends not only because they want to be fashionable, but also because they feel good when they do it and they find different ways to express themselves. The good thing is that there are different new fashion trends every season and a person can choose the ones that appeal to them and are a match to their personality and style.

Are you curious to know which these summer fashion trends are? Well, look no further because we have prepared for you a list of this summer’s fashion trends. Find out which they are and choose the ones that appeal to you the best. Who knows, you may turn to like all of them.

#1 Stripes

It is probably no secret that stripes are among the trends this season. Stripe clothes have been quite popular recently and it seems that they will not go out of fashion soon. This is because they suit people of different ages, which means that you could continue wearing stripes as much as you want.

The striped clothes a person can think of in the summer are usually such with marine kind of stipes, in blue and white. However, it is not necessary to choose such ones this year. In fact, it is better to try some more colorful stripes, for example, in red, green, or yellow. And speaking of yellow, here it is the next trend!

#2 Yellow items

Yellow is a bright and quite pleasant color. You can find the best hue for you and it can suit you perfectly. And this season yellow is one of the top colors among the trends. You could wear it as an accessory, or you could choose a main piece of your outfit to be in yellow.

For example, you could wear some yellow accessories, like yellow necklace, earrings, bracelets, even handbags. Or you could wear a dress in yellow, or a yellow skirt, or a yellow shirt even. It will make your style fresher and brighter, perfect for the summer.

#3 Boho Style

In the winter people often forget about Boho style because it is usually associated with the warm summer weather. It has also become very popular in the recent years with the popularization of music festivals, like Coachella, where the typical style of the event is Boho. If you also like such kind of style, then you will be glad to hear that one of the top summer trends this years is exactly Boho style.

You can wear long loose dresses in floral, tribal or other interesting prints. You could also pay special attention to brown shoes, like boots and sandals. And do not forget about the typical big Boho style jewelries and the traditional tassel clothes. You can also add some flower accessory in your hair to make your Boho outfit complete.

#4 Floral prints

The next trend that you should not miss to try is this summer is floral prints. People often think of floral prints as typical ones for the spring since this is the season when most flowers bloom. This year, however, flower prints are part of the summer trends as well.

You could try a lot of different flower print items. Apart from the classical dresses in flower prints, you could try some coats and pants as well. This way you will be both following the trend and adding a personal touch to it and you will escape from the conventional idea of floral prints.

#5 White from head to toe

The next fashion trend for the summer is again connected to a specific color and this is white. It is said that white matched every other color there is and that it suits every person’s skin complexion. Since summer is usually about bight and fresh colors and not dark ones, like in the winter, this season white is one of the top trends.

What is more specific about this trend is that it is white from head to toe. Of course, you could add some jewelry, a handbag, or a pair of shoes in a color that is different from the white one, but try to keep the main part of the outfit in white only.

If you decide to try this trend this summer, you will not only look fashionable, but also quite expensive because wearing white or black only shows class, elegance, and expensive outfit even if it does not cost that much.

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