Top Tricks to Wake Up With Perfect Hair

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Do you think that waking up with perfect hair is something impossible to achieve? Well, you’re wrong! Follow the tricks below and wake up more fabulous than ever!


Trick #1:

Using coconut oil is a wonderful natural way to make your hair soft, radiant, and healthy. What is more, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair. Scoop 2 tsp. coconut oil out of the jar, using a clean spoon, and put it into a glass cup. Use extra virgin coconut oil and, if possible, make sure that it’s organic and sustainably harvested. Pour the coconut oil around the top of your head, evenly distributing it on your hair, but you might want to avoid the scalp and roots unless your hair is especially dry. Do this as many times as needed.


Trick #2:

Apply some aloe vera gel before going to bed as a spot treatment or as an overnight moisturizer. Try mixing aloe vera gel with few drops of vitamin E oil and use it as night gel. You won’t have that greasy feeling with it.


Trick #3:

Apply small amount of body lotion to your hair root in order to nourish your hair at night. Running lotion through your hair can make it seem extra soft and shiny and adding a lotion to your ends can relieve heat damage and get rid of fly-away hairs.


Trick #4:

Make a bun before going to bed as it will help you achieve frizz-free shiny hair in the morning when you’ll wake up. As you are about to sleep with this bun, make sure it is rather comfortable than looking good.


Trick #5:

It may sound a bit crazy at first, but putting nylon stockings on your hair actually works! First make a bun and then use your nylon stocking to make a bun. Secure with bobby pins if needed. This trick helps you achieve soft and smooth hair when you will wake up in the morning.


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