Trend or Madness?

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Sometimes the fashion trends are too crazy for us. Sometimes they are kinky and mad and you wonder if it is cool or not. Have you watched the Hunger Games movies? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you will understand fully my thoughts. So, the plot of this movie takes place in the future and the fashion trend in the capital city is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen – all kinds of hats with curtains, facial tattos, no-brows trend, fake vamp teeth, strange shoes, crazy prints. The style of this fantastic plot doesn’t look so far away from our times. The designers become bolder, braver and crazier. The consumers today always want more – we want to be unique, but it is difficult to be unique when a certain style becomes a trend. When one thing turn into a trend, then it is extremely hard to maintain a unique style. If you want to follow the trends and be unique and personalized, then you must have a huge talent – you must insert the trendy detail into your personal style. You must sync the trend with you, not the other way around – synchronizing your personal style with the certain trend, because the fashion trends come and go, but your style is the key of having a personal and unique thinking about fashion and about the way you look.

So, the point is that it becomes very difficult for the designers to satisfy the ‘hunger’ of the consumers, which leads to strange creations. Surprisingly, these strange creations are taken very well in the fashion society. Also, many celebrities start to wear these strange creations, which means that many fans and followers will start to like the clothes, the shoes and the accessories eventually. Famous celebrities, like Lady Gaga, have millions of followers. For instance, Lady Gaga has 16,6 M followers, which means that at least half of these people are interested in the way she looks, and maybe, they even copy her style.

And this is how we come to conclusion – the fantastic reality from the Hunger Games movies is not so unknown and strange for us, because we are witnessing the arriving of this style since 2012.

I want to show you several models, which are very real. These models of shoes are part of the catwalk, as long as it is possible to walk in these shoes. They are high, they are awkward and they are … interesting. Take a look at the pictures and see if some of these strange models will grab your attention. Notice your reaction: ‘Wow’ or “Ew”; Disgusting or Amazing. And ask yourself a question: ‘Am I capable of wearing those’. Here are the pictures, take a look:

image-NVmRLgoT image-y6YZNpka

image-xfMtb76j image-WuYuw5wu image-wFvvQBpC image-SzpZCbxz

Now that you saw them, you can share your thoughts and opinion. Do you think that the strange fashion will become a trend. Do you think that the latest show models are shaped in a similar way to the shown above? You can discuss the answers of these questions down below. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, even if it is not similar to the common opinion. I think that a person must share his or her opinion no matter what, because that’s what makes us unique, our thoughts are what make us reasonable people. So, stay true to your opinion and style and you will feel great all the time.

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