Trendy Boots For The Winter 2014/2015

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Admit it, the cold is here (or least some places on Earth) and we have to be informed what kind of boots will be trendy the Winter of 2014/15. Maybe the boots are the only reason why I don’t hate this cold season. Sometimes they are masterpieces of the designers artists.

This Winter we will be able to escape from the girly, tight boots, because the manly designs of boots are presented in the fashion runways this year. So, if you are not in a mood for showing your femininity every day, you will be forgiven because of this trend. Nobody will judge you for your rough and big, comfortable boots.

The Stiletto is back. Boots and booties with stiletto touches will help you walk down the street while you try to catch a cab to work. This model of boots will match perfectly your midi tight skirt and your poncho coat.

We will enjoy again the knee and thigh-high boots. I think that these are the sexiest boots created ever. Both thin heel and wedge-heeled they are perfect for a date, a party or having your ladies night at the local bar. That’s just a relief that this type of boots are still here to make us happy and feel sexy.

Crazy and creative. Brace yourself to witness the era of the sneaker-boots. A hard, contrasting combination between sport and elegant will be highly recommended this season. You can see the collection of Gucci, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other, and convince that I write nothing but the truth.

The gladiators. This one will never fade away. They are chic and appropriate for many outfits and occasions. So, don’t put your gladiator boots at the bottom of the drawer, you will need them.

The prints. Be sure that this winter will be colorful and happy. We won’t cover ourselfs with black and gray all over. The prints will allow us to wear many colors during the winter – floral, geometric, animal, abstract and whatever you imagine, you can have it.

Go on and start shopping, the trends are here and you can have them all!


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