Trendy Fashion Accessories to Wear This Summer

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Summer is a lot of people’s favorite season because one can go to the beach, stay out late with friends, and enjoy the hot weather. This is also when a lot of people, girls especially, decide to experiment with their style, be bolder, or try things they have not tried before.

Accessories are often a girl’s best friend when she wants to change her style a little bit but cannot afford to. Fortunately, accessories can make a simple outfit look much more impressive and even new if one knows how to match the accessories to the outfit.

To show you that accessories are one of your best friend in the summer, and since we love them a lot, we have decided to prepare a list with some of the fashion accessories trends for the summer. This way you could both try some new fashion style and look fashionable.

#1 New types of chokers

As you probably know, one of the fashion jewelry trends for the whole year is chokers. This season you could try something different, though. It is a new type of choker that is wider than the first type of chokers and that is not so choking you. In other words, you could wear chokers that are not tightly around the neck but there is some little space that allow you to feel more comfortable.

The next thing you might like about this trend is that there are a lot of different choker styles and they vary from material to size. This way you could choose the one for you that appeals to you the most. Another advantage of this type of choker is that people who do not like turtlenecks and wearing necklaces or scarfs around their necks can try this popular trend.

#2 Two different earrings

The next accessory trend which is very hot this summer and which can appeal to you is wearing two different earrings. What is specific about this trend is that the earrings are not only different, but one of them needs to be long and big one, and the other smaller.

The same way you could wear only one long and big earring and leave the other ear “empty”. In the past when one lost one of their earrings, they could not continue wear the other one. Now you will have the opportunity to do so since this is one of the current seasonal trends.

#3 Big statement necklaces

And since we are talking about big and long earrings, well at least one of them, we come to the next fashion accessory which is also a big and bold one – statement necklaces. I am personally in love with statement jewelry and this is why I am thrilled about this trend.

Another specific thing about this trend is that it involves very big necklaces. Usually winter jewelries are bigger and heavier since they are complementing the season. This summer, however, involves big pendant necklaces on big and sometimes heavy chains.

You could wear a shell with a pearl inside it on a big chain in a complementary color. You could also wear big semi-precious stones on long necklaces. Semi-precious stones are often worn in the summer since they are a perfect fit to the season.

#4 Corset belts

So far we have discussed only types of jewelries and not the time has come to introduce to you a type of belt that is already a hot fashion piece – a corset belt. Corset belts were popular some 10 years or so ago and not they are coming back.

They can not only define one waist, thus make an outfit more feminine, but they can also add a fashion touch to the whole look. You can use some brighter and more vibrant colors and you can also make the belt a central piece of the outfit.

#5 Upper arm bracelets

The next type of accessory in the list is again one that was popular years ago, in this case in the 1990s, and not it is making a comeback – upper arm bracelets. Since summer is the season when people show the most skin, and they wear tank tops showing their arms, then one can easily wear such kind of upper arm bracelet this season. They are very interesting and can be a conversation starter, especially if you choose some more impressive bracelet to wear.

#6 Cross

The next accessory piece is again such one that comes and goes from the fashion world – crosses. There are a lot of people who are religious and wear crosses all year round. But this season you could wear crosses as a fashion piece because they are quite a hot piece. You could stick to some big crosses worn as pendants on necklaces.

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