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Some girls are not artists, which means that they are having some hard time on making beautiful and attractive nail decorations. Today I want to pay attention to this group of girls who don’t have any drawing skills – I will show you how to imitate drawing with one simple trick. But first, let me show you the whole tutorial, and let’s do it right so it will look flawless at the end. Here we go:

  1. The first step is simple – just look at your nails and hands. If the nails are covered with old nail polish – remove it; if the shape of the nails is uneven – file the nails; if the cuticles around the nails are dry and sticking out – smooth then and exfoliate the hands. All these small flaws can lead to ugly decoration afterwards. So make sure that these tiny elements of the preparation are all taken care of in the sake of flawless nail art at the end.

  2. Let’s start the application of the nail polishes now. Protect the nails with a base coat. Any transparent nail polish will work perfectly as a base coat. Let it dry before the next step.

  3. Now take a bright green color and paint the nails twice with it. The application of two layers will secure rich color. Let it dry.

  4. You will have to draw a heart now. Don’t worry, I will show you how to do it. You will need a thin brush and black opaque nail polish. Place four dots at the center of the nail as it is shown in the picture. Then, connect the dots with thin liners in order to create the shape of the heart. Fill in the shape. Let it dry.

  5. Now continue with the decoration with some pink strips.

  6. Wrap the heart with white nail polish.

  7. Once the decoration is completely dry, you can secure it with a thick layer of top coat.

  8. Done!

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