Trick For Long Lasting Lip Color

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Of the most perishable makeup product is the lipstick. I’m not talking about the expiration date of the bottle. I’m talking about the color on the lips and how long it can stay if you don’t apply it the right way.

If you put only the lipstick, without a base and without a preparation, the lipstick will last no more than half an hour. But if you follow the steps below and if you take my tips, you will be able to enjoy a long lasting color through the whole night. Here we go:

  • The dark lipsticks have one flaw – they tend to enhance the dry cuticles and flaws of the lips. This means that you will have to give your best to achieve a smooth background before the application of the colors. So, the first step of this tutorial is to smooth the lip skin and then to exfoliate it in order to remove dry cuticles, dead cells, and even blackhead tips from the edges of the mouth, which are a common problem for many girls.

  • Once the canvas is prepared, you can start the application of the colors. The most important rule for achieving a long-lasting color of the lips is to put a base coat before the application of the lipstick. The base coat is the lip pencil. It is important to fill in the whole area of the lips after the tracing of the borders. This is a sure thing, trust me.

  • When the pencil is on, comes the step for the lipstick. If you want to achieve a precise look, you’d better use a brush for the application of the lipstick.

  • And one last step. This one is optional, but I think that you will like it – finish the look with a matte texture of the lips. The matte texture is trendy, but it also works like a charm when it comes to long lasting color. So, place a thin tissue on top of the lips and apply a setting powder through the tissue with a big fluffy brush.

  • Done!

trick for long lasting lipstick

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