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The main characteristic of the daily makeup is that it should look natural. Especially when you are at school or hanging out with your family. No one will appreciate heavy, night-club makeup, and this is why you should take extra care for your daily makeup in order to make it right. Let me show you an example of how you should apply your casual makeup (whole facial makeup design). Take a look at the steps:

  • As you can guess, you should start with some kind of coverage on your face. You should choose the type of covering product according to the condition of the facial skin. For instance, if it is smooth and acne-free, you can use only a BB cream, which is translucent and its job is to even out the skin complexion, nothing more. And if you have to deal with a pimple, or some kind of small red spot, you should use a concealer. The last product will be useful for the tired eyes too – the dark circles. Don’t forget to apply a primer if you are going to apply opaque foundation or powder. Moisturizing the skin is also a necessary step.

  • Now move to the eyebrows. Enhance the natural color of the brow with only a little bit of brow shadow. Use a brush for the application of the color and don’t line the brow with pencil. Save this step for makeup, which is designed for a night out with the girls.

  • Then apply a nude color which is one shade darker than your skin in order to create a depth of the eye. Apply it at the crease area and blend in nicely. Cover the lid with lighter color. Smudge it again.

  • Curl the lashes and apply mascara.

  • Finish the look with black liner on the top lash line and white color on the bottom waterline to open up the eye.

  • Done!

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