Tricks that Will Help You and Your Partner Look Like a Hollywood Couple in Pictures

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It is almost that time of the year when there are the most holidays. There are Christmas parties with your colleagues, with your family, with friends, and, of course, New Year’s Eve. And what happens to all those parties, apart from having a good fun, is posing for loads of pictures. That is why one should start thinking about their outfits for the occasions beforehand if they want to look good on these pictures.

However, this is not the only thing they should think about. Sometimes you may have the best outfit and the most amazing makeup, but not to look good on pictures. It is true that some people are photogenic and that is why they need little effort to look good on pictures. But even if they do not have the right position of the body, they will not look flattering on the pictures.

Today we have prepared for you a few tips and tricks for couples to look better on pictures. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions and you will have the best pictures ever.

#1 The Hug

The first of the poses if a typical one for couples – the Hug. You need to remember that when you are hugging your partner, you should not lean on them, but still stand up straight. This means there should be no hunching and bending over your partner. It is important not to hug each other like you normally would – putting your hands on your partner’s back. Instead the girl should lightly touch the boy’s arm and he need to put his hand on her waist. This way they would not cover each other and will stay taller and more elegant.

#2 Arm by arm facing the camera

The other pose couples often try is when they are facing the camera with their bodies and still hold hands. The important thing here girls should remember when posing this way is that they should not lean on their partners shoulder. Or should not lean back with their waist and hips facing the camera.

This will make them literally look wider than they are. Instead when one is posing with their boyfriend in such a way, should hide one of their shoulders behind the boy, even covering their chest a little with his arm. And of course, standing up straight. Keeping a straight posture is extremely important for any kind of position. As for the male partner, he could simply put his hands in his jeans pockets and stand up straight as well.

#3 Leaning on his shoulder

Another very popular pose couples do is when the girl puts her head on the boy’s shoulder. However, such kinds of poses can make a girl look as if she has a bigger face. It is definitely not flattering. What one can do instead is the following – the girl should stand with 2/3 of her body behind the boy and show her head behind his shoulder. She could also touch his shoulder with his hand, but she should not put her head on it. This could make the picture less attractive.

#4 A side hug

Another popular pose among couples is the side hug. This is when the boy stands behind the girl and hugs her from behind. It is considered to be quite a romantic pose, but one should be careful while doing it because it again could not be very flattering.

A common mistake boys do when hugging their girlfriend for a picture in such a way is to put their hand over the girl’s one and to put their hands on her belly. What will make this pose better would be if boys put their hand on the woman’s waist instead and the woman to hold his hand. And, of course, standing up straight is again a must.

#5 Sitting pose

The next popular pose among couples is when the boy is sitting and the girl hugs him from behind. If the girl leans towards the camera and puts both her arms on her partner’s chest hugging him from behind, she could make the picture less flattering for both of them.

What she can do instead is again stand behind him, but this time put her left hand on his shoulder and with the right hand to caress him, or to put it on his right shoulder. She should not lean towards the camera because this will make her look shorter and bigger in size. She could instead put her head next to his.

#6 The Kiss

The final pose in our list is The Kiss. Some kisses could look cute in person, but since the camera captures only one shot, you need to be careful about your kissing. What you need to avoid is pressing your noses together. And you simply need to gently touch your lips without actually kissing. Also you should not perch your lips. This way the kiss will look prettier and gentler.

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