Try Out These Fashion Ideas for Wearing a Leather Jacket

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Luckily the temperatures have not fallen a lot yet and we have some opportunity to wear our favorite fall clothes more. Today we got our inspiration by an all time’s favorite item – leather jacket. Today we have decided to give you a few ideas for wearing a leather jacket. The good news is that such kind of jacket could suit almost every type of occasion. Here are our suggestion!

#1 Everyday chick

The first of our suggestions is called “everyday chick” because the outfit is somewhat more casual, but it is still attractive and perfect for everyday occasions. Match a short black leather jacket with a long sweater. It could not be that long, but at least covering your waistline. This way the sweater, or the blouse you have chosen, will show under your jacket.

Match them with a pair of blue skinny jeans and some ankle boots preferably in black color as well. There are a lot of women who still believe that one should match the color of their bag to the color of their shoes, but this kind of trend is long gone and it is best if you do not follow it as well.

But you can easily match the color of your jacket with the color of your shoes and it is going to be sweet and easy combination to match, especially if you decide to wear them in black.

Last, but not least, do not forget to accessorize the outfit. You could put a scarf which will work not only as a great fashion accessory to your outfit, but it will also protect you from the chilly weather. You could choose a more vibrant color, like green, blue, or red, this way you can make your outfit stand out more.

#2 All in black

The next outfit in our list is perfect for those of you who want to look slim, expensive and attractive. You simply need to wear an outfit that is all in black. Wearing an outfit in one color only from top to bottom will make you look expensive no matter if you have not spent a lot of money on them. Black will also make you look slim and elegant, and if we add some lace, you are going to be even sexier.

So, here is the outfit you could try. We start with the leather jacket, which of course needs to be black. And then, for the other important piece of the outfit, we have chosen long black dress with some lace. Lace, and especially black lace, is quite a sexy fabric, but depending on the overall silhouette of the dress it could be less official and more casual.

There are also some dresses with lace on certain parts of the dress, like the sleeves and from the waist down. The choice of dress has to do with your personal style and taste as well. If you are not a huge fan of dresses, then you could wear a black shirt with a black pair of pants instead.

As for the shoes and bags, you also need to choose black ones. If you are attending a special event, then high heels and a clutch bag are a must. And if you decide to wear the outfit to work, or to a less casual event, then you could wear a medium size shoulder bag and flat shoes. Other suitable kinds of shoes would be boots and even sneakers if you want to make the outfit even more casual. If you decide that you want to be sports chick in a long black dress, you should not have in mind that the accessories, like a beanie hat and a large shoulder bag, can make your outfit.

#3 Add some color

The next outfit idea would appeal to those of you who are not afraid to add some color to their winter outfits. Instead of the typical black leather jacket you can wear a colorful leather jacket. We have chosen blue for the purpose, like navy, cobalt, or admiral blue. They are both vivid and dark colors, ideal for this time of the year.

You could match the jacket with a pair of black jeans and a white shirt and you will wear an outfit that will look quite expensive even if it is not. This is because an outfit with black, white, and blue, evokes a sense of sophistication and class.

Another good thing about this outfit is that it will not be too colorful, but it would not be too dark as well, which is the perfect balance between colors especially in the fall and winter seasons.

You can add some accessories to the outfit to make it even more stylish. Try with a couple of thin chain necklaces, or big bangles. If you wear the outfit as an everyday one, you could add a wristwatch. And another important thing about the outfit, you could match the color of the jacket with the color of the shoes. This will add some freshness to your outfit and will shoe your good sense of fashion.

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