Try out This 7-Day Challenge to Lose Weight

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Losing weight has been a huge problem to a lot of people. Everybody wants to look and feel good but at the same time it is not such an easy task to do it, especially when there is plenty of delicious food which helps you gain weight. That is why this has been a struggle to a lot of people, losing weight and getting fitter.

There are also a lot of people who do not think are capable of losing weight because they do not think they could give up having their favorite foods, like chocolate or pasta. Well, if you want to try if you are capable of doing so and still lose some weight, then you could try this 7-day challenge. Here is what it includes!

#1 No soda for 7 days

The first of the things you should exclude from you menu during this week is soda and any type of carbonated drinks. They may not contain too many calories but they bloat one’s belly and are not good for one’s health as well. Even if you do not normally have such kind of drinks, you still need to be careful not to forget that they are also forbidden during the 7-day challenge.

#2 No bread

As we all know probably, bread contains carbohydrates which help people gain weight. If one excludes all types of bread from their diet for a week, there will be a noticeable change in their body. One will not feel so full and bloated, but lighter.

Even if you are used to having a lot of bread with your meals, you still need to try to stop it completely only for a week in order to see the good results. And you will also find out if you are capable of cutting down the amount of bread you have usually.

#3 No alcohol

People often do not consider drinks caloric because they cannot satisfy their hunger, or make them feel like they have had something to eat. However, drinks can be very caloric as well, especially alcohol. You may not think that alcohol has calories since it makes no change to your desire of having food, but in fact it is very caloric. If you want to do the 7-day challenge and to lose some weight, then you definitely need to avoid any type of alcohol during this week. It is an essential point.

#4 No sweets

Of course, there could not be a diet which does not include cutting down on sweets, or forgetting about them completely. This is one of the reasons people do not follow diets easily – because they cannot stop having sweets. Well, if it is only for a week, then you may be able to do so, won’t you?

Or you could at least try out. You will see that you will still have energy without these extra calories coming from the sweets. You may also start feeling more energetic and less sleepy since sugar often interferes with one’s sleep as well. And the easiest way this could happen is by following the next point in the list.

#5 Have a citrus fruit in the morning

Since you will need energy and vitamins during this week, then you definitely need to include some kind of citrus fruit in your breakfast. It is very important to have it at that time of the day, and not in the evening, for example, because you will need energy which the fruit will give you.

At the same time having fruits on empty stomach is better for your body and digestive system because there will be no other food in your stomach that slow it down being digested.

#6 8 cups of water daily

The next thing which you need to include in your 7-day challenge is drinking at least 8 glasses of water. Water is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. The more water you drink, the faster your digestive system will become and thus your metabolism. You will also feel much more energetic and you will fight sleepiness and even laziness.

#7 Have 30 minutes of exercises

Last, but not least, you also need to have 30 minutes of exercises daily in order to make the challenge complete. The physical exercises which you are going to do are up to you. There could be running, cycling, swimming, even fast walking. It is very important to include some kind of physical activity in your daily routine so that your body does not only start losing unnecessary weight, but also be energetic, fit, and more productive.

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