Tutorial for Dramatic Eyebrows

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You know that bushy eyebrows are a huge trend among the makeup styles recently. I think that Cara Delevigne can take the blame for this trend. So, let’s not talk about the source of the trend. Let’s talk about the technique that can help you create the wanted look of the eyebrows. So, follow the steps one by one and enjoy the final result. Here we go:

  • The bushy effect is created when the hairs of the brow are lifted upwards so they will stick a little bit out of the main shape. Please don’t think that the bushy eyebrows are the ones that are not groomed. You must pluck the excessive hairs too, even when you are trying to achieve bushy eyebrow style. This means that you must define the shape of the eyebrows too. Use the trick wit hthe moving pencil.

  • Once the eyebrows are fully prepared with the tweezers and the contouring marks, you should take an old mascara wand, or a special brow wand to lift up the hairs.

  • First, pour some brow powder on the wand and brush the brows backwards from the tail to the beginning of the brow.

  • Then, brush them back from the nose toward the tail.

  • Finally, brush the brow upwards.

  • If you find them too rare and light, you can fill them in with color, but then you will have to repeat the brushing steps.

  • Finally, highlight the brow bone with some lighter concealer.

  • Smudge it nicely.

  • Finish the look with simple eye makeup design and dark-colored lips and your drama look is all ready to flatter your beautiful face.

  • Match this style with gorgeous clothes and messy hairstyle and dance the night away!

Dramatic eyebrows

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