Types of Bags to Avoid Wearing This Summer

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I do not know about you, but I am crazy about bags. If there is one fashion item I cannot resist then this would be it. There are different bag types I have tried and I believe there are a lot of other women who do not stick to only one bag type but change their style from time to time.

As much as fashion trends are not so strict, there are some rules which should preferably be followed if one wants to be elegant and fashionable. That is why we decided to show you some types of bags one need to avoid wearing in the summer. And you are going to find out why.

#1 Brown or black bags

First in our list are bags which probably every woman has – brown and black. Surely, this type of bags are very practical and are very easily matched with the rest of one’s outfit. However, why would one want to stick to these colors all year round?

Summer is the season of fresh and bright colors. It is so sunny and fresh that one should forget about wearing such kind of bags, at least till fall comes. That is why it is better to stick to some fresh colors which are more suitable for the summer, especially when it comes to bags.

#2 A matching bag and shoes color

One of the oldest fashion myths is that a girl’s bag should be in a color matching the color of her shoes. This way if she is wearing red shoes, she needs to be wearing a red bag. One should stop believing in this so-called “rule” and should stop wearing it not only in the summer, but also throughout the rest of the year.

There are better ways one can match their outfit items. For example, one could match the color of their shoes, to the color of their belt, or the color of their scarf, and wear a bag in a totally different color. There is no need to match any color of your outfit. This way you will become even more fashionable.

#3 Cheap plastic bags

Come on, face it! You are no longer a child and you should stop wearing plastic bags because they may not be cheap but this kind of material does not look expensive for sure.

There are some plastic bags which are also transparent and one can see the contents of the bag (which by the way is another type of bag I remember loving when I was a child).

This kind of bags is often worn by women at the beach but it is about time to forget about it because as I mentioned they may look cheap and tacky, so it is time to forget about wearing them this season.

#4 Huge bags

The next type of bag which you definitely should stop wearing this season is the huge type of bags. I personally love this type of bag not only because they are very comfortable but because I also prefer such type of casual baggy bags.

However, this summer there is no need to wear huge bags because they are more of a winter style. It is better to keep them for the colder months of the year and stick to some smaller bags during the summer. This way you will feel lighter and more comfortable in the summer heats.

#5 Fake bags

The last type of bag in our list is again another one which you should forget about wearing not only in the summer but as a whole and this is fake bags imitating expensive and well-known brands. This way you will not look more fashionable, on the contrary even.

Fake bags are really tacky and one can tell when a bag is genuine and when it is a fake one. This will make your outfit look cheaper. That is why it is better to buy some less expensive made by designers who are not trying to copy anyone else’s style and brand in order to sell more items.

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