Types of Friends Every Girl Needs

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Every girl needs a group of friends to share her life with! Even if you are a really big introvert, you needs at least one person in your life who is going to be there for you, hear you out, maybe even give you a piece of useful advice. There are different types of people that we meet and some of them stay in our lives for a while, maybe even forever. Different people actually satisfy different emotional needs that we have, that is why maybe you would like to broaden your array of friends and people you communicate. What kinds of friends would a girl need?

  • The Good Listener: We sometimes need to talk. It can work almost therapeutically : you need to say out loud what is bothering you, why you are stressed or hurt and what you wish you had done. The good listener does not necessarily gives you advice: he or she can give you a shoulder to cry on, will look at you with a compassionate gaze and will help you realize what your real problems other.
  • The “Let’s Do That” Friend: I am telling you, you need a friend who is crazy, leads an exciting life and just wants to have fun on occasions! He or she is full of awesome ideas of how to spend your time, every afternoon with them ends up being a story to tell your grandchildren and you broaden your horizons so much during those meetings. Definitely look for people like that for they can make you leave the grey, boring routines you might be getting into.
  • The Fashionista: Well, it is self-explanatory: every girl needs someone to give her fashion advice, to take her out shopping, to tell her what the latest trends are and to give her a makeover, when needed! Besides, the fashionista’s wardrobe is the source not only of inspiration, but of pieces you can borrow!
  • The Smart One: Intelligence and knowledge should not be underestimated. You need someone who can teach you new things, who can help you understand the world we live in and who can pick your brain during interesting discussions. Besides, if he or she is very logical, they can also give you hardcore, realistic relationship advice!
  • The Ambitious One: Do you have a friend who is a little competitive and has huge dreams for their life? This kind of person can help you set some goals for yourself and pull you up a little bit. They will take you out of your lazyness and make you work a little harder. You will thank them later!
  • The Guy Friend: Every girl needs a guy friend. It is hard to sustain this relationship only as a friendship sometimes, but a guy’s perspective is always helpful. Besides, they are fun and easy-going and there is less drama around them usually!
  • The Cute Couple: Do you have that couple of friends that probably will end up marrying each other? It is actually cool to be around them: they give you hope that true love exists and can be your second parents when your biological ones are not around!

Maybe some of these types of friends are interwoven in one person? Then you are lucky: enjoy that person’s company and be happy with the dedication of love of those who surround you!

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