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I found a great application for my phone – Youcam Makeup. It is great, because you can apply makeup on your face and see how it will look or if the specific design will suit you at all. So, I was “putting” my virtual makeup on and I realized that my eyebrows are totally out of shape. Not that they were too bushy, but the shape of my brows doesn’t suit the shape of my face. I realized that the eyebrows have a significant role in someone’s look. Well, I knew that, but I didn’t knew that the difference between proper and improper eyebrow shape is so noticeable.

In order to prevent such an embarrassment, you should create the proper eyebrow shape for your face. There are a few rules that rely to every face shape:

  • If your face is long and thin, you should make a flat shape of the eyebrow in order to create a balance and to make the face look a little bit shorter.

  • If your face is round and short, you should make a high arch in order to create an effect of a slimmer face.

  • Define the shape with a pencil. First mark the beginning of the brow, then the arch and finally, the end of the brow. Place the pencil alongside the nose and tilt it through the center of the eye and through the outer corner of the eye to define the arch and the end of the brow.

  • Then brush the brow and cut the hairs that are too long.

  • Remove the excessive hairs, which are out of the defined shape with a brow blade.

  • Then outline the shape of the brow and fill it in with the proper color.

  • All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas!

ultimate eyebrow tutorial

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