Unique Graphic Eyeliner Effect

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Dear makeup lovers, we know many of you are dying to recreate this unique double eyeliner effect – so we’ll show you how! Luckily, you don’t need to visit expensive makeup artists to do that for you. This tutorial will show you how to achieve the perfect graphic eyeliner look in no time.

Step 1: Start dragging the brush tip across the base of your lash line from the inner corner of your eyelid towards the end. Try pressing the brush as close to the lash roots as possible. The superfine and flexible brush tip should be able to glide across the lash line for incredibly fluid application, allowing you to create this winged look with ease.


Step 2: For the more challenging part, that is creating the wing, simply drag your eyeliner along your lash line, starting just above the pupil and work outward. To create a precise thin line, apply one coat using the point of the tip. The length depends entirely on you but try not to extend it all the way up to the eyebrow itself. If you want to make your eyes more dramatic, go back and line all the way from the inner corner of your eye.


Step 3: Next up, create the double flick look by adding another wing below the first one. Chances are you may have mess up a time or two, so use a Q-tip to clean up any imperfections. If you find it difficult to hold up your hand in the air while applying the eyeliner, then you can place your finger on your cheek bone so that you can get enough support and create the eyeliner more accurately.



Finally, you will need to fill in any spaces you may have left empty. The idea is to blend your eyelashes into the eyeliner. To thicken, turn the eyeliner pen to angle tip on the side and layer. Remember to press the eyeliner onto your lash line really well so there are no gaps between the lash line and the liner.

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