Upside Down French Manicure

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If your nails are in a good condition, every nail decoration will look good on them. That’s why, we will start with some tips that will help you maintain good condition of your nails and then, we will continue with a tutorial for a stylish and elegant nail decoration. Take a look at my tips first:

  • Apply hand cream every day at least three times. The hand creams have nourishing properties for the nails too.

  • Exfoliate the hands, the fingers and the nails at least once per week. This is an essential procedure for the good looking nails.

  • Also, try to keep in shape your nails even when they are not decorated with some kind of manicure. If the nails are all in equal shape, they will look good no matter the color they are painted in.

So, these are my basic tips for good looking nails. Now, let’s see the tutorial for this gorgeous manicure and let’s create it together. Here we go:

  1. First, file the nails in order to create an equal shape for all of them. This is an important step for the good results afterwards.

  2. Then, deal with the cuticles by softening the skin with vaseline and then exfoliate the lips with the scrub.

  3. And your nails are ready for the decoration now.

  4. Apply a transparent layer as a protection of the nails.

  5. Then, paint the nails in red nail polish. Apply two coats.

  6. Let the layers dry completely.

  7. Now, stick nail circles stickers close to the cuticle area of the nail.

  8. Paint that area with dark blue nail polish. Apply two layers.

  9. Let the decoration dry completely and lock it with a thick layer of top coat.

  10. If you want to save the decoration to last longer, you should reapply the top coat every two days.

All done!

upside down french mani

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