Useful Hairdryer Hacks You Had No Idea about

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Every long-hair woman has a hairdryer at home even if in general it is considered that hairdryers are bad for one’s hair because over-dry it. Well, it is surely so, but this does not mean that one should never use hairdryers. In fact, there are more than one ways a person can use it. And yes, men can also find these items quite useful.

Today we have prepared for you a list of some very useful hairdryer usesyouprobably did not know about. It turns out that hairdryers can be quite useful when it comes to one’s everyday life. So, if you are ready to give hairdryers another chance, check out our list!

#1 Clean crayon marks

We all know that sometimes children use crayons and pencils not only for their coloring books, but also on the walls. This way some young Picasso can create a masterpiece on one of the walls at home, but their mothers will probably not want to keep it there.

That is where hairdryers come in. One can actually use a hairdryer to clean the crayon drawings on the wall. Just use the heat from the hairdryer to turn the crayon in a more liquid state. Then clean the wall with some wet cloth. And you will see how easily you will do it.

#2 Make plaster rip off less painful

The next hack is for those of you who find the ripping off a plaster quite painful and want to find a way to make it less of such. We have all cut ourselves, or injured ourselves. And what is the most common thing people do when they bleed? They try to stop the bleeding and they often use plaster for this purpose. However, when the time comes to remove the plaster from one’s body, it is so well stuck on the skin that it is hard to do it. As a result it is painful as well.

If you do not want to have to deal with such a pain anymore, you can use a hairdryer to heat the spot and to help the glue unstick. This way when you remove the plaster you will not be painful and you will remove it much easily.

#3 Use it instead of an iron

This hack is personally my favorite one because I do not like ironing. People often are in a hurry and do not have time to iron their clothes. But if one leaves their house with wrinkled clothes, they will surely not be a pretty picture.

Other times when one may need to use iron, but simply not to have one is when they are travelling. Not everyone can bring an iron with their luggage. So, how can people get out of these sticky situations? With the help of a hairdryer!

What you need to do in order to “iron” your clothes without the help of an iron, is to sprinkle some water on them. Then put your clothes on a hanger so that the surface is smooth and then blow-dry it. The smooth surface the clothes are on, and the heat with the help of which the sprinkled water will evaporate, will make the clothes wrinkles-free once again.

And the good thing is that one does not need to spend as much time on it as they spend on ironing. And this is also another way to iron one’s clothes when they do not have an iron.

#4 Remove price tags from dishes

When a person buys a new set of dishes, cups, or bowls, they have to wash them before using them. And not only this, but they also have to remove the price tag, or the labels, from each one of them. This job is hard to do if one does not use heating in the process. And you can definitely use your hairdryer to remove these tags and labels.

What you need to do is simply to blow-dry for half a minute the place of the dishes where the sticker is. When the place is heated enough you will be able to remove the sticker with your hands, without any special tools.

#5 Remove candle stains

The last hairdryer hack is connected to candles and the mess they can make. People like lighting candles at home because this helps them relax and make their place smell better.

However, candles can often leave stains on one’s table or carpet. This is when the wax from the candles, which because of the heat would be in a liquid state, have accidentally been dropped there. And then it cools down pretty quickly which makes it hard to remove from any surface later.

If this happens to you, you can use a hairdryer to heat up the wax and to turn it into its liquid state once again. Then you will easily remove it from the surface it has fallen on with the help of some cloth or sponge.

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