Useful Tips to Aggravate a Man

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Warning: Use these tips at your own discretion. These are some of the most annoying things women do – use them wisely!

1. The one and only

“Do you say that to every woman?“, “Do you do that only to impress the women?” And more of this type. Unless you are virgin and you are going on a date for the first time in your life, you have no right to shoot such irritating comments. What do you expect? To be the first one, who he brings flowers? Well, ask him for a wrapped packed of bacon -you`ll certainly be the first one to do it for. May be he really thinks that joke is funny, it is not a well-played manner for hunting naive girls.

2.Yeah, sure

It may sound quite surrealistic, but men are also right sometimes. Please, accept that option and think about it … or at least pretend.

3. Tests, tests, tests

Stop testing us for meaningless things such as “now I am going to grab my purse and pay for my part of the bill, let`s check his reaction”. Details are really important, but not the most important. If he says he likes “Two and a half men”, this means he just likes the series, not that he wants to drink all day and sleep with random girls.

4.Never ending mumbling

That`s not the right way to make a man do whatever you want. Accept it and simply find another way to get what you want. Otherwise – you`ll most probably get a fight.

5. Now or never

Live or die. It is really necessary? If things do not happen right away, it does not mean they will not happen at all. Yes, he will wash the dishes … later, he will pick up his socks from the floor … but later.

6. You are such …

No need to make any conclusions, based on, let`s say his zodiac sign. Two or three dates does not mean you know his core personality. Men do not like being a subject of analysis and you should know it.

7. The slip question

Don`t ask questions, which only have wrong answers, such as “Do I look fat”. Just look at the mirror – it always tells the truth.

8. Haters gonna hate

“Oh, look at how ugly she is” or Ï don`t understand what boys like about her”or “Do men really like such kind of women. *Sigh* You are not the most beautiful in the world – it only matters if you are the most beautiful in his eyes. There is no need to insult innocent women, just because of your own issues and insecurities.

9. It is not what it looks like

“Bring me some cookies”… and he brings the cookies. A few days later you initiate a fight – “How could you be such a pig and not bring me milk with the cookies. Have you lived under a rock or what?” Now, girls, repeat after me : “If I want something I should learn how to state it clearly and avoid misunderstanding”.

10. Back to military service

Stop telling him what to do constantly. No man likes orders from his loved ones. It is clear that everything happens the way you want it anyway. Don`t tell him what to do – it only provokes the opposite.

11. Peace

When you win a fight, the best thing you could do is to shut up. There is no need to nag and try to continue the fruitless discussion, long after he gave up.

12. Thinking and over thinking

Know that the difference between medicine and poison is in the dose. Enjoy your relationship, don`t analyse it too much and don`t over think the everything he does or says.

13. Secret

He: “What`s wrong?”
She: “Nothing”

That`s the scariest scenario for any boy. If you are mad, because he does not eat the soup you`ve cooked for him, simply take the bowl and pour it onto his head. That`s how things work. Don`t try to keep the problem for you, instead of sharing it. It will poison you and your relationship.

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