Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Different Kinds of Couples

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and couples have already started planning their date nights. Other couples prefer to leave it till the last minute and then to decide what to do on that special day. There are, of course, different kinds of dates one be on but whether they would like a certain date depends on their personal preferences and the relationship they are in. Sometimes it is too soon for two people to have a romantic trip to Paris, for example. And today we decided to give you some date examples for different kind of relationship stages. Check them out!

#1 The couple dating for two/three weeks

The first kind of couple that is in our list is the fresh couple that has just started dating. It is normal that in the early stages of a relationship there would be a lot of passion. If the relationship is in a too early stage, you could heat up things by inviting your partner over for a romantic dinner.

This would be a good chance to show them your home, to let them in your personal space and this could be your first time together in bed. This is a great way to celebrate and remember the holiday forever. Of course, it all depends on the people and their attitude but still you need to consider it as a great option.

#2 The couple who have recently admitted they want a serious relationship

The next kind of date is for the couples who have recently admitted that they want something serious, or that they have serious intentions towards their partner. An interesting kind of date for them would be something that they have not done before. If they have different preferences about sports, or food, they can get in touch with their partner’s preferences and try something new, give their partner’s taste of free-time activities a chance.

For example, a woman who can skate can take her partner to an ice rink. And a guy who likes a certain type of cuisine can take his girl to a place where to try this food. If two people want to be in a relationship, they need to appreciate and understand their partner’s interests and likes even if the interest is not a mutual one.

#3 The working couple

Couples who have been dating for a year may take the opportunity and to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together away. This way they will get the chance to relax and to have some time off work even if it is for a day or two. This way they may go on a road trip to some town, or village nearby. They can also enjoy some time out in the nature.

They could go to the mountains, or they could enjoy some relaxing time at a spa center. Nowadays people lead such stressful lives that they do not have time to relax and to enjoy small things in life. Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity for a couple to enjoy their time together away from the busy city life.

#4 The couple who hates Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of couples who do not like the idea of the holiday. They think that there should not be only one holiday in the year that celebrates love and that people should love their partners all the year round. There would probably ever be such kind of people, so would they celebrate the holiday, or pretend nothing is happening?

We have a couple of suggestions for them as well. The first thing these couples may try is to celebrate the holiday in their own way. There could be no presents, or special dinner. They could have a movie night with their partner and simply be together without any special celebrations.

Or they could do another thing. They could wait till midnight when it will no longer be Valentine’s Day and then to have their special kind of celebration and gift-giving. There are a lot of ways to celebrate a holiday which is not your favorite one and you simply need to find the best way to do it.

#5 The couple who has been dating for a long time

Last in our list, but not least is the kind of couple who has been dating for a long time, or who is already married. There are people who stop celebrating the holiday at one point because they consider themselves too mature for such kind of holidays.

But since we do not believe that love grows old, we also believe that Valentine’s Day could be celebrated by people of all ages. One way of doing so could be a trip to a foreign country, or to relive their first Valentine’s Date. This is a great way to celebrate one’s limitless love that resists the time and problems in one’s life.

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