Warning Signs that You are in a Toxic Relationship

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You have probably heard the saying that love is blind. When a person is in love, they often tend not to see the flaws in other people’s personalities and actions. With time, however, love tends to fade away and these flaws that were unnoticeable in the past become a pain in the neck. That is when people often realize that they have been in a toxic relationship without even knowing it. Today we decided to share with you these signs. As soon as you notice them, you need to have in mind that your relationship is not going well and this could bring you mainly negative emotions. Check them out!

#1 They get mad when you go out with friends

One of the first signs of being in a toxic relationship is the fact that your partner does not allow you to go out with friends alone, or gets mad when you do it. One of the most important things of being in a healthy relationship is mutual trust. If a person does not want their partner to have social life and to go out with friends without them, then this is a true sing of this person’s desire to control their partner and not to let them do things without their knowledge or permission. You should not allow this to happen. If a person really loves you, they should not try to control you.

#2 They tell you how to dress

The next sign in the list may not be that much noticeable at first, but with time can get really annoying. And this is when your partner begins telling you how to dress. There are a lot of men who control their women by even ordering for them clothes.

If there is a piece of clothing that they do not approve of, they make their partner wear something else. This is another sign of one’s partner being too controlling. Nowadays women are not obedient in general, but when they are in love they may tend to allow such kind of unfairness.

#3 They go through your phone

The first thing that a person does when they do not trust their partner is to start checking their phone for some warning signs of cheating. There could be text messages, provocative pictures, or frequent calls from a number with a mysterious name. If we have to be honest, a lot of people have done this, to check their partner’s phone without their knowledge.

However, at one point this obsession with their phone becomes too much of a threat to their relationship. This is a sign that the relationship does not go well and deprives one from their personal space. Some people even tend to check their partner’s phone with their knowledge, which could be considered to be worse because this means that their partner allows such kind of attitude and mistrust.

#4 They get angry when you do not answer your phone at once

The next sign that should show you you are in a toxic relationship is when your partner starts getting mad at you when it takes you a long time to answer their call. This is a sign of jealousy even if there is not real reason behind it. They simply think that if you do not answer their call immediately, then you are cheating on them.

If you have such kind of problem, it is best not to pretend that you are not having it, but to face it and to make your partner believe you there is nothing to worry about. And if this continues, well, you know what is best for you, but such kind of relationships are disastrous in one way or another. The sooner you stop this, the better it will be for you.

#5 They get jealous of your best friends

One of the problems a lot of couples have to deal with is best friends. Foe example, the woman in the relationship has a guy friend who is also her best friend, and that is when their partner starts getting jealous of this guy.

Of course, it is difficult to explain a man that a woman and a man could be friends only, and that is why all the drama start happening.

Some guys tend to be extremely jealous not to mention when it comes to such kind of friendships. Such kind of people rarely change and if they do this certainly will not be an easy task. So, if your partner does not trust you about your relationship with your best friend, then you will probably have quite a lot of problems about it. Have it in mind before it is too late.

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