Weekly Inspiration: Try out These School-Inspired Outfits

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Summer is almost over and so is the free careless time away from school. It is time for the students to go back to the classrooms and start learning. There are a lot of students who feel bad about this and are kind of depressed that school time is back.

This, however, does not mean that there are not things that make one thrilled about the new school year. In fact, you can easily change your depressed mood into an excited one if you only think about the outfits you are going to wear to school.

Today we have prepared for you some outfit ideas that may bring back your desire for going to school. There is always an opportunity to make fashion your partner in crime.

#1 A blazer is always a good choice

There is one simple rule which I follow when I want to look more professional or sophisticated: I put on a blazer. Blazers can be your best friends in school because they match outfits well and are a perfect choice for the cool fall days.

For this outfit I have chosen a dark blue blazer with golden buttons. I have matched it with a grey sweater under it and a pair of skinny dark blue jeans. This outfit looks almost like a school uniform, but cuter and worn by your free will.

As for the shoes, I have chosen a short platform boots in brown, but you can choose to wear even sneakers with the outfit. Brown, black, or white ones will be a good match.

#2 A bowtie for straight-A students

It is in a way universally acknowledged that bowties are a type of men’s wear. But since fashion loves androgynythere is nothing wrong in wearing men’s wear or male accessories. That is why a bowtie is a perfect choice for your school outfit. You can easily match it with a white shirt and a grey jacket.

For the warmer fall days we have prepared a pair of short pants in checked patter which is one of the most traditional ones for school uniforms. You can match this outfit with a nice light brown bag and a belt in the same color. And voila, you outfit for straight-A students is complete.

#3 Add a little color

We are all used to seeing school uniforms in darker colors, like brown, grey, and black, but this does not mean that there should not be a blazer, a jacket, or some kind of an accessory which to add a little more color to the overall outfit. That is why we have decided to match one of the outfits with a long yellow autumn coat. It is a suitable color for school and for the season and it is a good match to the rest of the outfit.

The main outfit is a sweater in traditional patterns with some blue, red and white. We have paired it with a short skirt a little bit above the knees in dark blue. And finally we have added flats. You can match the color of the flats to the color of your bag, or you can simply stick to the brown hues and shades, or match them with the color of the jacket. This way you will add some sunshine in your school days, figuratively speaking, of course.

#4 A black dress and some stockings

There is nothing like a black uniform dress which can remind you better of school days in the past. And it is also the easiest way to get the look of Wendy Adams for Halloween.

So, you can choose a black dress a little bit above the knees with short sleeves to get the look. One important thing that your dress should have if you are really striving to get the uniform schoolgirl look is to get a black dress with a white color. And this is basically what you need for your outfit – easy and simple.

As for the rest of the look, you may wear a pair of long white stockings that go a little bit under your knees and a pair of black shoes with straps. If you do not have such kind of shoes, you could simply go for the black flat shoes.

Last, but not least, do not forget about your hair. Schoolgirls usually wore their hair up in the past. So you can either tight all of your hair in a high ponytail, or you could go for a high bun. You can make it a little bit messy if you do not want to look that strict, but basically stick to one of these hairstyles. They will match with the rest of the look perfectly.

And these are our suggestions for school inspired outfits. Enjoy them and do not forget to have fun with fashion!

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