Weight Loss TricksThat You Would Love

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We all know that losing weight is not one of the easiest things in the world, especially if one is overweight. However, complaining about how fat you are would not make you lose weight. There are a lot of people who only complain about their weight and do not do anything about to change it.

This is usually because they think this will take a lot of their time and energy, and not everybody can do it. After all it is better to start from somewhere and to take small steps to achieve your goal than do nothing.

Today we have decide to show you that losing weight is not necessarily something that is energy andtime consuming, but it can be a fun and relaxed way to do it. Here are some tricks that will help you lose weight if you follow them regularly.

#1 Solution for fast-eaters

There are a lot of people who eat very fast, especially if they are hungry. And you have probably heard a thousand times that you should eat slowly and chew your food as much as you can. And still people do not do it. So, how to make yourself eat more slowly? Just use your other hand, non-dominant one.

Since you will probably have some difficulties getting the hang of it at first, this will surely enable you to eat fast. This way you will have the opportunity to enjoy your food more, to eat slowly, and to chew more. This way you will also avoid bloating. The more you chew your food, the easier it will be for your stomach to digest it and you will enjoy

#2Wear tight clothes

The next trick that may really help you lose weight is wearing tight clothes. If you wear loose clothes, you will feel comfortable and even slim because you will know that your clothes not only fit you, but are even larger. But if you wear tight clothes you will feel uncomfortable and a little fat. This will encourage you to eat less. Just imagine overeating in a tight suit. You can be sure that you will feel uncomfortable eating feeling this way in tight clothes. This will even cut down your appetite.

#3 Watch horror movies

This will probably be the best hack for those of you who are fans of horror movies. It turns out that one loses up to 180 calories while watching horror movies. Can you just imagine how much this is? And you burn them without any movement, just staying on your couch.

This happens because your mind reacts to the horror scenes in the movie. If you are scared, your heart start racing and your blood pressure rises. This way you burn calories, so you definitely should not underestimate the power of your subconscious mind.

#4 Tame your hunger

If you think that you feel hungry all the time and this is not just a phase that you are going through, but you actually have a hardy appetite, then you may try this trick to tame your severe hunger.

Just apply some vanilla scent on your wrist and smell it regularly. You may also use some vanilla candles in your room and spray yourself with vanilla perfume. It is actually proven that this kind of smell, no matter how sweet and lovely it is, helps suppress your food cravings.

Another way to tame your hunger is to drink a couple of glasses of lukewarm water 20 minutes before having your meal. This will help you feel less hungry and as a result you will eat less.

#5 Stand in front of a mirror while eating

There could be some people who will find this trick strange and they will feel awkward doing it. But that is the real purpose of it. When you watch yourself eat, you will actually feel embarrassed of the big quantity you have eaten, or of your body that absorbs more and more food when it actually needs to lose weight.

This little trick will help you become more aware of your body and you will surely would not want to watch yourself overeat. So, you will probably stop eating much earlier than you would normally do if you did not watch yourself eat. This trick turns out to be fairly easy and really helpful.

#6 Cut down your salt intake

If you love salty food, then you probably will not feel good about this simple trick, however, it is best if you still eat less salt. The more salt you eat, the more your body will retain water, which means that you will feel bloated and you tummy will look twice as big as it is. If you cannot stop eating salt at all, then it is best to either use sea salt, or Himalayan salt which are natural ones.

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