What a Man Wants

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There is a certain question a lot of men want to find the answer to and this is “what a woman wants”. It seems like this question has been asked for centuries and there is still no answer to it. But there is also another question which seems less important compared to the previous one – what a man wants.

This question definitely seems less complicated since men are not so hard to understand, but there is still a large number of girls who want to find the answer to this question. Well, today we have decided to share with you our point of view. Here are a few things we believe men want! Do you agree with them?

#1 Great sex

There is just no way for us to include the top thing men want in the first position of our list. And this is some really great sex. This is the first and most basic thing men want from women. If the sex between a woman and a man is not good, there is just no way for their relationship to continue (that is because the man would not want to).

There is a research that shows men think about sex every 7 seconds of the time they are awake. And let’s just not mention the time they have some sexual dreams. So, sex is definitely a number one priority for men.

#2 Other women

It does not matter if a guy is in a serious relationship or not, they would always want to have sex with other women. Sometimes they may want to have sex with their girlfriend’s friends, with their friends’ girlfriends, with random women on the street, with women in the supermarket, and so on.

Men often like animals. They see a female and they go crazy, especially if this female is beautiful and wears a short skirt. Even if some men (no matter how small the percentage is) do not commit adultery, they would always imagine it and dream about it. So, yes, men want to cheat.

#3 Food

Since we already mention that men are often like animals, then the next thing in the list will probably not surprise you. And this thing men cannot do without is food. There is probably not a single man in the world that does not like good food. And even some men consider beer and chips the best food for them, one would like a good home-cooked meal at least twice a week, and if it is possible more often, then the better.

People say that if a woman wants to seduce a man, she needs to learn how to cook well. And not only to cook, but to cook his favorite dishes. That is why if you want to impress a man, cook something for him. He would appreciate it.

#4 Playful women

The next thing in our list is again connected to sex, but it is typical for men, so it comes as no surprise probably. Men like playful women and they are generally attracted to such. Men do not like boring sex. They like role-plays, striptease, and other seduction techniques that a woman can offer.

They get really weak when they meet with such a woman and that is often why they are under her spell. As much as some people claim that men like innocent women, you should know that playful ones often take number one positions, while innocent and decent women are left behind. Again sex and passion take first place.

#5 Beautiful looks

As much as we want to believe that looks are not important, the sad reality is that they are. Would a man pay special attention to a woman that he does not consider pretty only to give her a chance? I hardly believe so. Men are all about looks. They often neglect personality because of it.

And the interesting thing about this is that they consider women with good appearances to have good personal qualities as well. They are simply blinded by a woman’s look and not to notice the not-so-flattering things about her personality.

#6 To rule over women

This is a bit too strong to say, but men really want to feel stronger than women and this goes not only for physical strength, but also for emotional one. They do not want to have women for bosses and they actually want to rule over them. This is often why they still dream of the time when women stayed at home to look after the children and the household, while men could do whatever they wanted. The sad reality shows that there is a large number of men that want to rule over women in every aspect of their lives.

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