What Accessory Goes With What Outfit?

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Most of us girl love jewels and scarves and bags and whatever other accessories that you could simply think of. Some women are all about simplicity and well organized and thought out to combine things. Other just have their own system of what goes with what, how and why. And they are a little bit more cooler and hip.

But are there any rules? What goes with what? Sometimes we just have to stop for a second and thing a while why something is okay or is it not and what would better. If you are once again wondering what to do about accessorizing just read along.


Prints are busy by themselves. And there are things you can combine them with, that won’t work and they will both be beating each other. Print with a print is okay, but not everyone works. When you choose your print garment stop there with the too loud stuff. Go on on the simpler side.
The ‘in your eyes’ print, could be soften a bit and brought back to the Earth just by pairing it with a necklace (or other jewel) in a neutral color (this also applies for silver and gold). But the jewelry that you choose should be very simple and not overpowering, because people won’t know where to look. And a not too busy bag and simple shoes in an earthy color will compliment your outfit to the fullest.
Fabric and cut

So things like lace and very soft and flowy fabrics are one thing and leather, denim and other materials like that all need different accessorizing, just because they are so different from each other.

When you are wearing a lace blouse/dress or an airy one think about very exquisite and fine things to combine with. For example a simple silver necklace (the charm one) will compliment lace very well. The same applies for the airy clothes, although a shirt for example, could carry a heavy bracelet or big earrings. It all depends on the print.
To more textured fabric and heavy materials we would need heavier jewelry and geometric forms and big things. For example combine a black leather jacket with a heavy scarf. Anything that is made from a heavier fabric could pull of a very pick necklace or big earrings. The same applies for bags. In the winter when our clothes are heavier, we can easily pull of big bags that are form fitter or hard cover.
Consider colors

So remember that one – you accessories should NOT be the same (or way too similar) color to your clothes! It just won’t pop and that is not what you want from a jewel.

If you are wearing and all black outfit go for a very colorful even bright color for your accessories. For example black would look great with pink or red. Just apply that for your scarf, earrings, shoes or bag. No matter what the outfit colors is just play up with contrast. This will make all the difference that you need.

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