What colors lipstick should ever woman own and work!

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Every woman should own exactly 3 different colors lipstick. And they are all the same for every woman. Those colors are something you can rock every day. They are more classic in many more ways than one. There are things that go with everything. The Color you just must have in your bag at all times. Also, many specialist in the make up and beauty department say that you don’ t need numerous lip products in different colors, instead of those 3.

Nude lipstick

This lipstick is very appropriate for work occasions. You can of course use it for many more. But it is the only lip shade I can think of that can be used at any times. Nude lipstick looks amazing with smoky eye make up and great amount of blush. This is because it balances everything out and this way the attention will be drawn to your eyes.

The nude shades vary from totally pale to kind of peachy of pink. They just have a tint to them, without the color being overpowering the nude idea. Another great look that can be achieved with nude lipstick is the ‘no make up’ make up. This natural look is very on trend right now.

Pinkish lipstick

Pink lipsticks also vary in many shades. They are kind of lustful. And make the lips pop, but without making you look too much of an effort. Pink lipstick could be very light and every day like. There are shades appropriate for occasions like work or a wedding. And then there are some more popping pink shades.

Not to look overpowered or lost by the pink shade, we have to know exactly what to choose for our skin tone. For women with pale skin and blondish hair – make up artists advise to wear cold tones. Women with pale skin and dark hair should go for more natural shades like strawberry pink, peachy pink or caramel. And for all those who have darker skin, no matter the hair color, should go to a brighter pink. All of you who have very dark or tanned skin – purplish or blueberry lipsticks are for you.

Red lipstick

The red lipstick will always be a must and a classic. Although many women never really dare to wear it, actually it is a must for sure. Of course it is not appropriate on a daily basis and especially for work. Red lipstick opts for a more dramatic look, but still classy and sexy. It is perfect for parties and official occasions.

Red  lipstick looks perfect with a simple make up, because it is enough by itself. A nudeish shadow and some mascara are all a red lipstick needs. But be careful not every shade of red looks good on everyone. You should try out multiple, so you can be sure which one is yours.

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