What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

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Women all around the world take their coffee differently. Actually, coffee making and drinking is a whole science and a culture if you ask me. For some people coffee is just something they drink through the day. But for the real coffee lovers it is the most important part of the day. People have a new obsession and so do we – an Instagram hashtag that is both connected with fashion and coffee. Just search for #coffeenclothes. Get inspired and then post yours.

If you are wondering what does coffee have to do with fashion – well, a lot. It turns out that the way you take your coffee is generally connected with the way you dress. Different people order their coffee differently and so you could figure out their style, but the way they want their coffee.


Espresso is ordered by the Downtown Girl. It is one of the Italian classic things and people do love it. The downtown girl is edgy and cool and always gets noticed. And since her clothes and accessories are edgy, so it’s her coffee. She takes it clean and loves it. It is like a classic, but with a pinch – both the style and the coffee.

Black coffee

The city lover girl takes her coffee black and strong. She usually is not just a city girl, but the Minimalist. There is just something that connects the minimal style liking with the black coffee. Have you already recognized yourself? The minimalist has only neutral colors and mostly black and gray, with a dash of white and nude. Their combinations are always impeccable and we all sometimes want to look so polished.


Cappuccino is loved by the Classic styled girls. Although many people do love cappuccino most of them firstly drink something else and then they transfer to cappuccino. But out classic girl like her coffee that way and doesn’t change it for the world. The black blazer your father used to wear is your go to element. Grandmothers fur getting donated? No way the classic girl wants it and will embrace it. Her closet has all the essentials – small black Chanel bag, black and nude stilettos, LBD, pearls and other things you could wear any time, no matter the trends.

Iced coffee

People tend to drink iced coffee during the summer, so they can cool down a little. But the Trendsetter drinks it all year around. She is the ‘IT’ girl around town. So are her designer clothes. And so is her coffee. Most of her Instagram posts contain an iced coffee to go. And how could they not. She would be drinking her iced heaven while wearing the newest collections with some edgy outrageous jewels.


This is a coffee that is different, yet similar to all the others. It is the usual order of the COOL girl. Yes, just cool. She is relaxed, with a laid back style and she has so many of those photos, that look like she is effortless and have amazingly relaxed days. His usual uniform is made of knits, shirts and denim. Converse shoes are her love and so are some booties. She is joyful and probably a book lover.

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