What Does Your Favorite Cake Say about You

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There are a lot of things that our preferences can say about our personalities. You can find out what your favorite color say about your personality, or what your shoes say about you. This is because we subconsciously choose certain things and we often do not realize that they really say something our personality.

If you learn what these subconscious choices mean, then you can easily learn how to read people’s personalities according to their personal choices. Today we have prepared for you a list of cakes. Check which one is your favorite and see what it says about you.

Chocolate cake

If you like chocolate cakes the best, then you are very friendly person. A lot of people want to be around you, because they feel they can trust you. People who prefer chocolate mud cake are really outgoing. They are also very talkative and have a wide circle of friends.

They do not have any free time, because it is all booked with appointments with friends and various activities. If you are looking for a job, then you should search for some analytical job that involves sorting out people’s problems, just like a shrink.

Vanilla cake

Vanilla is usually connected to something feminine, gentle and pure. And this, of course, does not entirely mean that people who like vanilla cakes are absolutely fragile. It is try that they are very kind and romantic. They are also a bit conservative. They are all about traditions and cannot imagine the world being unlike the one they are used to.

They take changes pretty hard, that is often why they do not want to part with their family and friends. They are really kind and smart. They are also often hardworking and absolutely strict when it comes to their job.

Coffee cake

If there is one person in this group that can manage a 100 things at one time, then this is the person who loves coffee cake best. These people are very independent and very business-oriented. They keep having in their minds some plans and future goals they want to achieve. These people are not really into marriage and following conventional rules. They prefer to set their own rules and to follow their own path. This makes them feel good about their life and positive about their purpose in it.

If you are one of these people, then it is also clear that you cannot live without coffee. Having a cup of coffee is one of the first things you are probably up to every morning. It fills you up with energy and helps you face your everyday challenges. You are also very lively person. You make people laugh. And you know how to enjoy good food.

Cheese cake

If your favorite cake is cheese cake, then you have probably heard people call you a drama queen. People who prefer to have this kind of cake cannot live their life without having something to complain about. Their problems seem so big when they tell their friends about them, while in reality this is not always the case.

The best kind of job for these people is definitely in the theatre. They can act and they can do it well. Sometimes people get a little annoyed with their emotional responses, but they soon give up, because people who love cheese cake are very lovable, and quite sexy. How is it just possible to get mad with such cute people?

Red velvet cake

People who like red velvet cake are often misunderstood at first. They look very serious and as if they are man at somebody, but in fact they are quite nice. They just do not appear like this in the first place. Once you get to know them you realize you could be friends with them.

These people are often outspoken. They say what it on their mind and are not afraid if they can hurt anybody with their words. They are often the dominant figure in all of their relationships. They also know how to have fun and are not in a hurry to have a family and to take other big steps in their life.


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