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It is an interesting fact that some women have their mother instincts when they themselves are children. You for sure have noticed 5 year old girls playing with baby dolls pretending to be their mothers. And if this was a game to them at that point, later in life, every time they meet their potential husband-to-be, they start thinking about the way their possible future child will look like. Will there be brown or blond hair? Curly or straight? Blue or brown eyes? And here we stop, because today we will share with you the percentage that estimates what eye color your future baby will have.

You probably think that if both you and your partner have brown eyes, and your children will have brown eyes as well, then you are wrong. Look back at your family history and your partner’s family history. What eye color have your relatives? Do they have different eye color from own? It does not matter whether this is your great grandfather or your aunt. If you are related by blood, there is a chance that your baby has the same eye color as them.

It is actually very interesting how the nature calculation work. As much as we want sometimes to believe that nature is magical, it is not completely true. Nature is chemistry. It is scientifically proven that people fall in love because they follow the natural continuation of life. In other words, they fall in love because they will have children, which will help the population. But today we are not talking about the meaning of life, and just about something simpler – what eye color your future children will have, or what is the percentage that they have this eye color.

Brown and Brown

We start with the most widespread eye color in the world, which as you can guess is the brown one. It does not matter whether we are talking about light brown, medium, or dark brown eyes, they are still the most common color in the world. And this is because this is the dominant gene, this is also called the strong gene, that people have. So, if both parents have brown eyes, the chance that they will have a child with brown eye is the biggest one, because as it was already mentioned, brown gene are stronger than the blue and the green ones. However, this does not mean that the children they have cannot have green or blue eyes. In fact, modern science predicts that there is an 18.75% chance that their future baby has green eyes, and 6.25% chance that the baby has blue eyes. So, do not worry if you want your baby to have blue or green eyes, but you and your partner have brown ones. There is still a chance this happens.

Brown and Green or Brown and Blue

If one of the parents has brown eyes (the dominant eye color gene) while the other partner has either green or blue, there is a 50% possibility that the baby has brown eyes. If the other partner has green eyes, there is a 37.5% chance that the baby has greens as well, and 12.5% that is has blues. If, however, the other partner has blue eyes, there is none possibility that the baby has green eyes.

Green and Green
Of course, when parents have the same eye color, the biggest possibility is that their child has the same eye color. And if this is green, then the percentage that their child has the same eye color is 75%, just as much as the percentage is both parents are with brown eye and their child to have brown eyes as well. But unlike the “brown&brown” parents having children with different eye color is more or less reasonable, the chance that the baby of parents with green eyes has brown eyes is less than 1%. But there is still a 25% chance that the baby has blue eyes (one of the weak genes). The moral here is that “the weak ones” support each other. And look what the percentage is when parents have weak genes, but this time green and blue eyes.

Green and Blue

If you and your partner both have light eye color, but one which is not the same, likethe one has blues, the other greens, the chance that their baby has blue or green eyes is 50%-50%. Which means that there is no chance that the baby has brown eyes. And if your baby is born with such eyes, it is either because science is wrong, or because your partner cheated on you.

Blue and Blue

If both parents have blue eyes, the chance that the baby has blue eyes is biggest. It is 99% that the baby has blue eyes, just like the parents. The other single percent is left for the green eyes, and none for the brown ones. As we already mentioned, the weak genes support each other. That is why there is still a chance that the baby has green eyes, unlike the brown ones.


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