What Eyeliner Color to Use for Your Eye Color

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Eyeliners are one of the best ways to make your eyes big, gorgeous, and sexy. However, even if it is so popular, this method of applying makeup still is a problem for some women. They either do not know their eye type and what kind of eyeliner would go with it, or they are not familiar with the eyeliner types.

When many women think abouteyeliners then think of black eyeliner, and connect it to some kind of a makeup suitable for the club, and not everyday situations. There are other women who do not how to apply eyeliner. They think that the more you put, the better it is, but this is not always the case as you can imagine. That is why today we have decided to show you how to make your eyes bigger and more beautiful using the right kind of eyeliner for you.

Brown Eyes


Brown eyes are one of the most popular type of eyes in the world, and basically every type of eyeliner looks good on them, but you can accentuate them and make them look bigger by applying blue eyeliner. The color will have a nice contrast to your eye color. You could choose every blue hue, but the most wearable one, especially in day time is the navy blue.

It is also a huge hit on the runways, so you will definitely do not be left unnoticed if you try some navy blue eyeliner. You only need to remember, that you should apply it only on your upper lash line, and not on the lower one, because it would be too much.

Hazel Eyes


Some people consider hazel eyes a lighter variation of brow ones, while other say that they have green hues in them, and others say hazel eyes have yellow hues around them. Whatever the truth is, a nice golden eyeliner will complement the hazel eyes perfectly, especially if it is a metallic gold color. This eyeliner will make your eyes bigger and brighter, while at the same time it will make your look deeper and even a bit shimmering. This eyeliner is a great choice both for daytime or nighttime events.

Green Eyes


As you already should know, contrast is the best choice when in doubt what kind of makeup to wear. So, if you have green eyes it is normal not to use green eyeliner, because it will get lost with your look and it will not look that good. Instead what you should wear is purple eyeliner. That is right, the purple color is the best contrast you can find for green eyes. This way your look will stand out more than you can imagine.

Blue Eyes


With all eye colors we talked about contrast, but with the blue one it is a bit different. If you have blue eyes, you will make them pop if you apply a complementary and yet a contrast color. The best color that will make your eyes stand out is the green one. Many people would probably disagree when they hear this, but once they try it, they will see it works like a magic.

Grey eyes


Last, but certainly not least in our list are the grey eyes. This rare kind of eye color is often compared to wolves, because they have such eye color. Quite a strong one I would say. If you have this eye color you would bestcomplement it if you apply a vivid contrast color. In this case, this is the dark red-brown color. With this kind of eyeliner you will make your eyes pop even more if that is possible given the natural eye color you have.

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