What is the Perfect Underwear for You According to Your Body Type

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There are a lot of women who think that it does not matter what kind of underwear they should choose to wear if they are not showing it to anyone. So, if they do not have a partner they can put on whatever underwear they want.

However, you should think twice the next time you want to put on underwear that does not suit your body type once you hear how much better and attractive you would feel.

Actually, if you are wearing sexy lingerie, you would also feel sexy and this would make you more confident and attractive which means that you should definitely consider wearing the perfect type of lingerie for you every time, with no exceptions.

So, check out what kind of underwear will suit your body the best.

Apple body shape

Women who have apple body shape have long and slim legs, but usually the central part of their body –chest and belly and sometimes shoulders, are bigger and wider. If this is your body type, then you should avoid wearing underwear that is wider in the stomach area, or one that highlights it. You should choose underwear that highlights your bust instead. You could try with corsets brief and baby doll. You will both feel comfortable and sexy in them.

Lean column body shape

Women who have such body shape are usually tall and very slim. What is specific about this body shape is that the shoulders are narrow, the booty is flat, and the bust is also small. It reminds of a boyish figure. If you have such body, then you can definitely choose any kind of underwear that will show your belly since it is flat.

For this purpose you should definitely choose boy shorts. They are perfect for slim legs and can also shape the booty better than thongs, for example. As for the bra, choose one with bra pads to make your breasts just a little bigger.

Inverted triangular body shape

The next body shape is the inverted triangular. The specific thing about it is that the shoulders are wide and the bust is big. This does not necessarily mean that women who have such body shape should try to hive it. On the contrary, big busts should be highlighted especially if women feel comfortable to do it. If you have such body shape, then you could choose a corset – this is the easiest way to put special attention on this part of your body.

If you do not like wearing corsets, then it is best to wear bras with big straps, or a strap around the neck. This way you will get the maximum support for your bust. This way you will feel comfortable and will not worry about the support to your bust.

Since your booty is not too big, neither too small, you could definitely choose to wear bikini. Bikinis are one of the best type of bottom underwear since they shape the booty well and do not make it bigger (as, for example, boy shorts). But since you do not have big booty, you could also wear thongs. Or if you have long legs, you could wear stockings and suspenders. Some men are crazy about them.

Hourglass bogy shape

This is probably the best body shape a woman can have. This is because it is the epitome of femininity – small waist, relatively bid breasts and nicely shaped booty. The best thing about this body shape is that women who have it can choose almost every type of lingerie they want because a lot will suit their body perfectly. Wearing a corset can really complement her body type – it will give extra support and nice shape to the breasts and at the same time it will complement your waistline.

And if you are not into wearing corsets at everyday basis, you can choose whatever underwear you want. It does not matter if you choose bikini, thongs, or boy shorts, your body has such a nice shape that every type of underwear will look good on it. The only thing you should have in mind is your personal preferences and the type of lingerie you feel most comfortable in. And probably the type of underwear that is fashionable at the moment.

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