What Kind of Effect has the Color of Your Bedroom on You?

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You have probably heard that different colors have different effect on people. That is often why red is considered to make one hungry, or green is considered to have a calming effect on people. It seems that this fact is well-known, but still people forget about it often and continue neglecting the power of colors. Well, today we have decided to have a look into your bedroom and check what the color of it shows about you and how it affects you.


If your bedroom is painted in blue, or some shade of the color, then you are probably a positive person and you sleep well. Statistics show that people who sleep in blue-painted bedrooms sleep for about 7 hours and 52 minutes which is considered a healthy period of sleeping. Blue has a calming effect on people’s eyes and this is probably why you are not normally anxious.

People who like the color blue are usually mediators and do not like arguing with other people. They prefer to balance things and are considered to be down-to-earth.


Some people may find it strange, but actually yellow is a very good color to choose for your bedroom. It is a vibrant and sunny color and also has a good effect on people. It makes one feel good and happy. If your bedroom is painted in yellow, then you are a happy and positive person. You smile a lot and like laughing. You have a lot of friends and you are always in the center of attention.  Just a positive, cheerful and smiley person.


The next color does not have such calming effects as the previous ones mentioned. People who sleep in purple or violet painted rooms tend to have the least relaxed and deep sleep from all people. This is simply because this color does not make one relax but gives them energy. That is why it is better to paint your living room in such a color rather than your bedroom. But still people with purple bedrooms are very energetic and hardworking.

Dark brown

Dark brown colors are usually not the first choice for a bedroom color. And this is because such color does not make one feel cozy and comfortable, like the way one’s bedroom should make one feel. If your bedroom color is dark brown, then you probably feel anxious and not relaxed in your bedroom. If you sleep badly, then it is probably because of this factor.


Surprise, surprise, it turns out that people who sleep in red-painted bedrooms are not the most sexually-driven people, but on the contrary. Even if most people think that red is a sexual color, this does not mean it should be a color of a bedroom. In fact, couples who sleep in such bedrooms tend to have sexual contact less than other couples.


White color is usually a symbol of purity. And when it comes to sleeping in a bedroom painted in white, this probably means that these people are workaholics. It is considered that business-oriented people sleep in such kind of bedrooms. And not only this, but they often tend to work even when they are at home and to work before going to sleep and right after waking up.


This color is one of the most inappropriate ones for a person’s bedroom.  Some people consider it to be a neutral color which can go well with a lot of designs and decorations. However, it is not the best choice for such kind of room. Statistics show that people who sleep in such kinds of bedrooms get quite restless. They often cannot go to sleep fast and they end up spending most of their “bedroom time” online rather than relaxing. So, maybe you should reconsider your choice of a bedroom color.

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